Monday, January 08, 2007

How absolutely wonderful it has been to have the last two weeks with my daughters! We had precious fellowship, and it has been most difficult to see them return to school...far away from home. We are most grateful for the time we had together.

Among the many opportunities we had was the wedding of someone we love. This young lady was one of BJ's Peru teammates from 2005. She drew close to him on that trip. We heard many stories of her, upon his return.

After he passed, we met her. We asked her to speak at his funeral celebration. She was a real blessing in this role!

Last summer, ironically, she was on our team to Africa (I've posted new pictures from there on There was no doubt she was called there with our team.

Not long after her return to the states, she became engaged. We had been anticipating her wedding for months. It was beautiful.

I am a guy. I do not get the same things out of weddings that my girls do. It was the topic of much of our conversation until the girls left yesterday.

The thing I was moved by, was an act of Christlike service, performed during the wedding.

A couple of years or so after my father passed, the Lord moved in my heart to wash the feet of each of my family at our Christmas gathering. This is a particularly humbling experience. It is that way for both parties. Read John 13 to see why.

This is something the Lord has had me use at key times in ministry. I have done it with my youth group, at a Disciplenow event, etc. Honestly, I always hesitate, because this should never become commonplace in attitude. Christ showed his disciples this to make a strong and valid point. The attitude He conveyed should become common.

When BJ was a baby, I often took my turn bathing him. He got his whole body washed, not just his feet. That Christmas that each family member took off their shoes, he was present.

Then, when as a youth minister I was instructed by the Lord to do this for my students, he was present.

I cannot tell you how many times I was afforded the privilege of washing his feet, but I know it was at least two. I am his father, but as Christ served, so must I. I believe BJ learned this message. I saw him serve many in his brief time.

In Africa, the youngest on our team was moved by the Lord to wash each of our feet during worship one evening. What an incredible experience that was. We had been walking the dusty roads with the temperature soaring near 115 degrees. Our feet were quite filthy.

She took this all in stride. Not only did she wash our feet, she massaged our feet in process. She reflected her Savior to each of us.

I was reminded of previous experiences in that moment.

This past weekend at the wedding, it seemed a bit peculiar when we arrived to see the entire wedding party shoeless.

The peculiarity evaporated when after lighting the Unity candle, Tara and Justin, bride and groom, took turns washing each others feet. They did so to reflect the servants heart they each have. They desire to serve the Lord by serving each other.
They desire to serve the Lord by serving others as He so moves in their hearts.

This was the most poignant moment of the wedding. A true reflection of Jesus. A tour of most precious previous experiences burst into my memory as they did so.

I know for BJ their is nothing left to do but serve and worship!

I wonder, why are we inclined to believe that begins at death? It should begin at the beginning of life...Salvation!

Serve Jesus today by serving another.



At 10:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sure your beautiful daughters were thrilled to be "home" with you and Deanna, as well!!

At 12:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so glad you had a such a wonderful time with is so needed!!

What an amazing story of the wedding and all. That is an awesome gift for each to give the other. I am in awe!! What a blessing, and a great testimony of love and servant-like attitude to those possible unbelievers attending. Praise God!!

Have a blessed week! Praying for you always!
Linda Anderson

At 2:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That gave me chills. What a lovely union of marriage that is just beginning.


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