Friday, April 10, 2009

Ugandan sunset...

I cannot help but wonder this morning, if the angel Gabriel is tired.

Yes, I know this is really random. I've been reading this week in Daniel 8&9 and Luke 1. Gabriel has stood in the presence of God for centuries! I wonder if he ages. I want to see him. I want to ask him questions. I want to know what he has seen!

What was it like to interpret dreams and visions for Daniel? How moved were you to announce John the Baptists birth? How humbled were you to announce the birth of Christ our Savior?

Being an angel, and knowing the roles he has filled in Scripture, and knowing that he stands in the presence of God and has been since he was created, I just have many things I want to say to him. One part of my Bible says he is an archangel. I wonder how close he and Michael are?

I wonder if he speaks English. When I go to heaven, will I have to learn a new language?

I am trying to learn Spanish, and have been for years. I finally have Rosetta Stone, after tinkering with other software, I am hoping this one suddenly makes me fluent!

I wonder if Gabriel always gets the cool jobs of interpretation, announcing major events, and standing next to God...does he ever have to do the crummy stuff? If the Seraphim have six wings, how many does Gabriel, an archangel have? What does Gabriel do while the Seraphim fly around saying, "Holy, Holy, Holy?"

Does Gabriel have to go into battle in the invisible wars...the ones that are fought in the heavenlies, that most of us cannot see, or is this reserved for Michael and legions of other angels?

He was created for a purpose. Scripture seems to reflect his is to make pronouncements and interpret stuff. How cool is that?

Michael on the other hand, goes to battle. How weary is he of fighting on our behalf? What must it be like to fight these wars that most of us live in denial of?

Apparently, archangels do not need the approval of men. They are not attention seekers. They fill the roles God created them for, and do it well and do it for centuries! I wonder if they need to sleep? What do they eat? Manna? Ambrosia? oops different book.

Do they ever get to recreate? Do you think Gabriel has a hobby? I wonder if he likes to read?

It would appear that he doesn't get to do this kind of thing. Probably not because he can't, but probably because he knows what he was created to do, and he does it.
The only approval he seeks is that of his Creator. What would it be like to only serve the Creator?

Never needing to fill ones own perceived needs and/or desires.

Is his understanding of the Gospel somehow different, that he stays focused and does the will of the Father in Heaven?

Does he ache that his brother Lucifer has fallen away, and taken legions of angels with him?

I wonder if he ever sleeps. When does he rest? I wonder how his eyes are different than mine that he is able to stand in the presence of the Almighty!

Oh to understand my purpose so well, that I do not wonder, that I do what I was created to do, that I bring glory to God in all I do!

What toll must that take on a body? What price, living for centuries and seeing the repetitive failure of men, must have on these who stand in support of the same...because they were created to do so.

I wonder if Gabriel is tired of waiting for us to recognize our purpose...



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