Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Hey, guys... Here's the latest:
BJ's oxygen levels were still only around 92% last night after they put the ventilator on, and they started to drop below that, so they've decided to give him albuterol treatments every 4 hours. These have boosted his oxygen levels to 97% and higher, but they're causing him to cough a lot still, and even though he's under sedation, the coughing is pretty violent. So now they're putting him on some more medication to help this, so he'll be totally out of it. He can still hear us if we talk to him or play music, but the meds will have an amnesiac effect, and he likely won't remember much when it's all over. [Not necessarily a bad thing, and I'm convinced anyway that he's spending his unconscious time in divine rest, hanging out with Jesus and that whole thing. Though Satan may be trying to hinder him now, BJ would never stand for that getting in the way of his spiritual feeding and growth. :)] Anyway, this next day is pretty crucial, and they're keeping a close eye on him, trying to figure it all out.
He can't have visitors in the actual hospital room, but any of you are free to come look through the glass at him, or come pray, or whatever. Thank you again for the prayers you've already lifted up, and please don't stop!


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