Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Our Father in heaven created us with passion. When you view all that He prepared you can see that He is one who knows and feels deeply. His creation stirs hearts, and minds. He created us in His image and desires to see us fulfill His plan for us with the same fervor in which He breathed life into us. Each one, individually prepared for specific plans and purposes. That which you can accomplish, I cannot. Those you can reach out and touch are beyond the measure of my reach, but not His through you.

What separates BJ from most of us is passion. It is within each of us to take hold of that which Christ has prepared for us. He has made a path which no one but you can walk. He has prepared stops along the way that will fill you with His knowledge, compassion, and wisdom. His Word will overflow and empty into others through you. But first, you must be filled to overflowing.

BJ recognized at a young age what God was calling him to. His response was to follow that call with everything that he was. Most of us may at times see what God has set before us, but call it coincidence, and retreat back into our own borders and watch to see who might actually lead the way.

The act of actually following that which He has opened to us alone is foreboding in our own minds. We begin to listen to the enemies voice of confusion or complacency, even procrastination. The passion He has planted within us is directed into unintended arenas. We begin pursuits that bring us short term fulfillment and then just a watered seed sprouts and begins to grow, we sit back in comfort and watch our passion develop into something it was never intended to be... obsession for worldly fabrications.

When BJ returned from Peru the second time, God had so prepared and ignited within him a passion for discipleship that he began to pour with great fervor the overflow into others. The amount of overflow was significant, the amount of study and development was also significant. He did not take his time with the Lord for granted, he invested greatly, and drew deeply from his Savior's vein.

God was preparing him for this final leg of his own journey. He spilled out a depth and a determination that has reached into the lives of those close to him and those he did not know. The difference between him and most of us was how he pursued that which God put before him. Christ was/is his passion. It did not begin in Peru, it did not end with his death.

It began when he surrendered his heart and his will to Christ and it will continue for eternity.

Let us not wait until the day of His return or our own homegoing to let the passion He created within us to rise up and begin to spill.



At 3:49 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Brent your words today spoke to me directly and to the situation that Kevin and I find ourselves in.
How easy it is to sit back on our blessed assurance and wait for God to hand all that He has for us on a silver platter. But He is not our butler, He IS the creator of all things including the passion and desire that He has placed deep within each of us.
It is up to us, it's our job, our duty to work at what He desires for us, and not to just sit and wait and watch.
Thank you Lord for the passion that you have placed within both Kevin and I. I pray that we never forget Who birthed that passion. May glory honor and praise always be given back to You Lord.

In His Love

At 5:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seize the moment -- each moment -- as if it were our 1st and our last! The day I accepted Christ into my life, I have had a complete yearning to hear Him. Sometimes I'm not listening very well. Sometimes I'm not willing to. BJ inspires me to STOP, fully listen AND respond!! Not when I can or when it's convenient, but in the NOW -- as did BJ.

At 9:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow. my prayers exactly..


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