Monday, October 09, 2006

Thank you for your prayer cover for our time at Sweetwater Baptist Church in Neosho, Missouri. We shared twice on Sunday. Once in the afternoon with students, and again at the evening service. We had a precious time with these folks. We met many wonderful people, and were moved by their love and generosity.

In the afternoon, a youth rally was held which drew several churches from around the area. The students were very responsive to the presence of the Lord, as He moved among them. I believe He raised up a few more missionaries!

We spent Saturday looking for a new house. We toured 8 different homes with our realtor, then went back past some of them on our own.

Looking for a house is interesting and challenging. I think I even got accused of being a "snob." Previous experiences have taught me not to settle for situations that are not to your liking. I think that is reasonable. I also believe I am pretty open about what we saw. I would be happy with 3 of the 8 homes we visited.

If I were handy, I would be happy with even more. It is so interesting to see what "issues" other people put up with in their living situations. Not all of us have $$$ to throw at our houses to update them or correct some of their aging issues. We saw this in obvious ways, yet we could see through these problems to find the charm that each discovered in their own situations.

Deanna and I were all over the place in trying to decide our next move. At different points, each of the three homes were our favorite, for different reasons. By the end of the weekend though, I think we decided to revisit each of them, and to look at a few more.

We are told by realtors that it is usually easy to discern (for the realtor) which home is the right one, because one or both of the couple put on "the look" when they have found their new nest. All three of these homes seemed that way as I marked Deanna's glee at different points. However, one still stands out.

The difficult part of this process is not having our children present to help. Sometimes that can be a burden. I mean, if as a couple, you are making a decision that you know one of them will be displeased with, it is not easy to proceed. However, when we have done so in the past, their input was very valuable to us.

This time, as 'empty nesters,' we find we are searching for a house that still carries that "home" feel, and that will please our visiting offspring. The whole adventure carries an upsetting edge, as we try to find a place and do not need to include space for him.

He is such an important part of who we are. That will not change. Not including his needs burdens us. We want to be able to make a new space for him. Here, where the most important ministry in his life contributed to who he was. Here, where he would have been thrilled to see his parents join in partnership those who had become so important to him.

He will always be with us in our decision making. We will include what we know of what he would have thought.

What he thought, and what he did has been used of God to have impact on so many lives that we cannot believe it. We have learned in very 'up close' ways what "issues" people live with, in their lives. We have seen the Lord help many 'clean house,' and offer them new beginnings. We have been fortunate to see many get 'the look,' as they surrender their lives to Him.

'That look,' was so much a part of who BJ was. He wore it well. He wore it consistently. Now he has the privilege of offering it directly to his Savior!

Whatever house we choose will be a hearth to gather around...but it will never be "home." No, that is reserved for a time when we will first glimpse His look, in person.



At 11:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wonderful post, again! You certainly have a way with words. Wanted to let you know that my family had the opportunity to see Casting Crowns in Greenwood, IN on Saturday - WOW! My husband told me to look at a young man's shirt walking up the aisle. What did I see? A black t-shirt that said! I wonder how many people saw his shirt and remembered the web address and are maybe visiting this site for the first time? Thank you for continuing your ministry through this site. I am blessed each and every time I visit.

In Christ,
Noblesville, IN

At 1:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


home. that gloriously beautiful place. i cannot wait. i am homesick.

love you guys.
praying always.(i'll see you in less than a month!)

At 9:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And the great thing to remember is that a house is simply that - a house, just a place to live. Home (Heaven) is gloriously that - HOME!!


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