Thursday, March 15, 2007

I don't like change very much. I'm not very good at it. I have a friend who enjoys change. I love her, but I don't understand her.

Today, I was forced to change the format of this blog. I got pretty annoyed as it was upsetting my routine. I don't know if it will look any different to you or not. I do know that Google is pretty excited that I changed. It's like I joined their little club and they are proud of me.

One thing I like is that now it seems to be the large print version. At least the "post creation" mechanism is. I don't have to wear my reading glasses while I write. Or maybe when I joined this little club my eyes were healed! Wow, no more Lasix (how do you spell that word?) surgery cause google will fix your eyes for free! That's change I could deal with. They should probably advertise.

They have been telling me for months that I needed to convert to the new format. I like the old format. Do you know how long it took me to know how to use the old format? My friend Jeff who put this blog together in the beginning probably got tired of my whining about how to do stuff.

I am afraid that when I log out (I feel like captain kirk when I say that) I won't be able to get back in. I will probably have to remember something that I never knew. I will be in Mexico after today...well, headed there anyway, and my brother has kindly agreed to keep this up. The problem is, I don't know if I can tell him how to access the "creation page." I could tell him how to get to it the old way, but I am pretty confused right now about this new and improved system.

I think it is pretty incredible that what began over 2,000 years ago has never changed! The way to restore your relationship to God is the same today as it was after the resurrection of Christ!

Wow! It's like He knew I was going to struggle with change. He knew this morning was coming when I would be unhappy with google (that word sounds like something that is stuck in my nose or throat that I want out right now), and just for guys like me, He made sure that we did not have to change the rules midstream.

The God of yesterday is still God today. He does not change. We change over time. Some of us get much better looking, some of us learn to use new tools on the computer, Some of us have our view of God enlarged.

You know, the change I do like is when my Savior knocks down the walls I tend to build around my understanding of Him. He is always showing me that He is so much more than I think He is. I constantly find out that I am not capable of doing the things He has set before me if I don't rely on Him.

His changeless strength and power that are revealed in my own weakness and resistance to allowing Him to birth new understanding in me is an amazing thing.

I love Him for that. And because of Him, I can love my friend who loves change, even though I don't understand her.




At 12:08 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

I love the fact that God never changes, we can always rely on Him being the same awesome God.
Praying that hearts, eyes and ears will be open to the message of God that you will be taking to Mexico.

In HIs Love

P.S. I just recently changed over to the new blogger, just make sure you give Brad your log in information, email addy and password, he shouldn't have any problems.


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