Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Some months ago I wrote about Lucile. She was 98 at that point. Amazing! Still driving, still volunteering at the local hospital and very involved in our lives. She was co-founder of Awe Star Ministries almost 15 years ago.

Since then she turned 99 and continued with a zest for life few ever experience. It was Lucile that went to the store for BJ, his first year on the mission field, to buy him an item of two he had forgotten to pack. "This is my joy," she would say. She loved to serve and to be involved in the lives of students.

In 14 years with at Awe Star, she only missed one summer of being present at training. That summer she was having a hip replacement...at the age of 97. She was annoyed that it slowed her down for a time.

It was Lucile who was instrumental in our coming on staff at Awe Star. She paid our moving expenses. She brought huge encouragement every time we saw her. She was so glad to have us with the ministry and spoke such kind words each opportunity she had.

A former music teacher herself, she prayed and worked tirelessly to try and assist Deanna in finding a music position. When the Lord opened the door in Sapulpa, she rejoiced with us, but labored over the drive she had each day. She began to pray for an opening in Jenks. It was close by, and would be a better situation.

That came about this last month. Deanna began her new position and loves it!

Simultaneously, Lauren's future became Lucile's project. When she found out that Lauren had applied at a particular ministry, she called that ministry to tell them to hire her. It turns out, Lucile sat on their board! Lucile's instructions to them were very clear. That situation is still being sorted out.

Back in early June, after a series of mini strokes, Lucile headed to the doctor for a check-up. She was told to sit on a rolling stool so they could provide treatment.

That stool tipped over, dumping her small form onto the floor, breaking a couple of vertebrae in her upper back. Since that time, she has been in hospitals trying to recover. She has battled infection after infection. She grew extremely weary as the roller coaster of recovery seemed never ending. She was miserable.

A week or so ago, the doctor told her she the infection was back, and that her body was not assimilating the drug she needed to combat it. He told her she was dying.

Armed with this knowledge, and ready to meet her Savior, she began to give instructions of what she wanted done. Her body continued to battle incredibly. Her heart raced for days, without a corresponding drop in blood pressure. The doctor said he could not understand how she was able to continue on. He had never seen the body of one twenty years younger fight on the way she was, let alone one almost 100. At times she had a high fever, due to the infection which should have brought with is significant pain. Lucile had no pain, she was at peace and ready to go.

She battled through nearly a century of life and saw more than I can imagine. She was always the encourager. Active at the age of 99 in many organizations, sitting on several boards, and assuring that students continue to go to the mission field, she sought the Savior and her life counted. She made a difference in our world. She is responsible for seeing thousands of students go overseas to share the love of Christ.

Sunday morning around 9:00am, she went to spend eternity with Him. I have no doubt that my son was there to greet her. I can just hear the words leave her mouth of how proud she is of each one of us and the work that is being done.

We are proud of her! She touched more lives in her obedient life than can be numbered. We will miss her intensely. Praise God that another of His precious ones has entered into His arms!



At 12:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

God Bless,
Greenfield, Indiana

At 10:29 PM, Blogger Marti Pieper said...

Lucile was one of the most "alive" people I have ever met. I'm thankful she is pain-free (and still smiling, no doubt) this day. Like your son, both her life and her death stand before us as powerful examples of service, surrender, and sacrifice.

Lucile DID raise a revolution. We call it Awe Star Ministries. God gave her the strength.

with tender love
and prayers in pink,


At 12:41 AM, Blogger Ashley Reagan said...

I'll be thinking about all of you tomorrow...

At 9:48 PM, Blogger Jedi4JC said...

I'm a missionary living in the Philippines. About 2 months ago, I bought the Mercy Me CD and fell in love with the song they dedicated to BJ. Morning after morning I would sit and worship in a distant place surrounded by rice fields and Carabao.
I praise the Lord that BJ is an inspiration to many. The harvest field is so right here in Mindanao, but the workers are few. BJ and the song lyrics encourage me to keep on living on the front lines for Jesus!
Salamat Kaayo! ("thank you very much" in Visayan)
Ptr. Mike Gordon


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