Sunday, December 09, 2007

Hello from Peru!!!!

Wow what a time we are experiencing in the Lord! We began our journey in Lima and spent a day trekking the city and experiencing the culture. We had a great time!

The night we went to catch our bus, we arrived early, checked in and discovered a Christmas celebration taking place in an adjacent park. There we some of the tallest water fountains I have ever seen. There were laser light shows through the waters. There was a Christmas village, with Santas workshop, etc. It was really cool!

We took an overnight bus from Lima to Trujillo. The bus was very comfortable. We had a good trip and arrived in time to get checked into a hotel and begin walking the city. We ventured from shop to shop and one park to the next.

While reading in a local park, I was approached by a precious child and his mother. Peruvian children are just beautiful. We began a conversation in Spanish, and then she started talking in English. We talked about the things of God. I got to share the Jesus with her. She had many questions, and was upset over many cultural difficulties and abuses. She spent time studying in Germany and was well spoken.

We had the most uplifting conversation and her precious 3 year old son found a feather which he gave to resides in my Bible.

We took in local cuisine and just really enjoyed fellowship with our local contacts!

We headed to Piura. A seven hour drive in a small car with 6 people. Not what we would ever want to do, but the fellowship was sweet and the trip tolerable.

In Piura we visited many of my favorite places. We´ve had breakfast in Cafe´Marlu each morning. It´s a tiny little bistro which opens onto a busy sidewalk. A great place to watch people.

Walker Moore preached at the first graduation of the seminary Awe Star helps sponsor. seven new pastors graduated. It was a great evening. His message was extremely impacting to those in attendance.

I was asked to share a few words at the end, and enjoyed relaying my love for this people!

The next morning, Brad and I headed off to an uncertain baptismal service. We were told there would be 12 people. When we arrived, we found a second church group gathered at the same lake preparing to do the same thing. They requested that I baptize their members as well. I believe there were 18 in all.

Humbly, I was afforded a most incredible privilege. The first candidate was paralyzed in half of her body, and carried many years. She was so precious.

It is difficult to explain to you the feeling of humility, standing in the water with a shoreline full of people from another land putting their lives in your hands for a brief moment. Powerful was the experience. Interestingly, the group was made up primarily of people of which half were under the age of 20 and the other half over the age of 50. Some were in their 70´s or so and were so fragile and meek. What an honor to be entrusted in such a way. What a privilege to serve my Savior by participating in this, an experience none of us will forget.

That afternoon, we headed to the BJ School Graduation ceremonies (Here, the school year ends in December and begins again in Feb/Mar.)

Oh my goodness. How precious were these children!!! They missed Deanna so much, and many parents asked where she was! There were over 20 students and they were excited!

Brad and I got to hand out their diplomas! We took many pictures and will be sharing those in coming days.

We are getting ready to head to a combined church service this morning with nearly 700 believers! This is a most unusual event! Churches from all over the region are traveling to pariticipate together here in Piura. The normal church in this country may have 50 to 75 people if they are large. This event is most uncommon. I cannot wait!!! Their celebrations of the Lord are unequalled in my experience!

Praise God!!!

Thank you for your continued prayer support for our journey. This afternoon we head back to Trujillo (another 7 hours).

I´ll update again when I can...maybe after I´m home.



At 10:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good morning Brent,

How awesome to imagine the baptismal service that you were a part of! The beauty of it makes me teary-eyed....

We spent only 10 days in Peru last March, but I can see how you could certainly get attached to the people and the work there. Derek and Audrey will be going for a week with a church from North Carolina, leaving on Christmas day, to Pomacanche, in southern Peru.

Yesterday at our morning services Dan announced our plans of moving to Tuxpan, Veracruz Mexico in March to be missionary pastor of the Bethel Baptist Church there. We are very excited and humbled to be a part of God's work in Latin America. Close friends from there will be visiting Deer Park for a few days this week, for Quetzalli's college graduation!

You are constantly in our prayers!

Love, Jolene (Dan too!)

At 9:57 PM, Blogger Marti Pieper said...

Blessed (but not surprised) by the ways God is continuing to use you.

Praying for you and yours as you begin your journey home!

Dan, Jolene. . . how exciting, and we're praying for you as well.

with tender love
and prayers in pink,



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