Wednesday, March 19, 2008

In recent days I have been working (again) on my old house, tearing out the old tub surround, tile board, plaster and lathe in my bathroom. I knew there were problems, but once the exterior wall coverings were removed I was able to see the real issues -plaster that had turned to sand because of moisture (much of it from a leaky window, not the shower as I had assumed), rotted wood, damaged hardwood flooring and mold. Talk about needing a complete makeover!

I pulled the toilet and vanity out, broke up my old iron tub with a sledge hammer and removed it, hauled out bag after bag of plaster, ripped up the old carpeting and subfloor and finally realized just what I had gotten myself into. There have been freinds along the way who had offered to help me but I am inclined to do things myself and not ask for (or receive when offered) assistance.

Slowly, I am getting things back together - new plumbing to the shower and tub, new tub, insulation, vapor barrier and cement board up around the tub in preperation for the new, improved bathroom. I still have a long way to go but I'm getting there and feel better just knowing that I have taken action.

This is exactly the type of remodel some of us need in our lives. Until we are able to get rid of the masks that we wear and eliminate the fascade of who we want people - and sometimes ourselves - to think that we are, who we really are can't be truly realized. The root problems aren't always obvious, even to ourselves. We need to get before God, open our hearts and fully expose ourselves to Him and ask Him to tear out the parts of us that have become rotten or moldy and take away the debris. And if we have a friend who is willing to help us get there, we need to be open to their assistance because God may well have put them in our lives for this very reason. If they haven't offered their help already it could be because they don't know you are interested in remodelling.

I realize as I am writing that I shared a similar theme when working on the outside of my house this past summer, and I am sorry for the lack of originality but can only assume that like myself, some of you out there still have some work to do! My work on the house is moving slowly, but God doesn't always choose to work so slowly when He is in charge of the remodel.

Brent and the team in Mexico are seeing the Lord working through their ministry in a prison, public places and churches. They have seen a number of people turning their hearts over to the Lord -- please continue to lift them up in prayer (you can follow their progress and see photos at, look under "trip updates").

In Christ,


P.S. Walker, thanks for clearing up the location of the photograph!


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