Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A friend of BJs recently let us know (thank you Tara) that Xangaland was revamping and old sites would be deleted, so I went to BJs site, which I haven’t visited in awhile, and started copying all his entries. Quite a project I must say with two years of entries. I started wondering if I would have time to copy the comments too. That project I finished today in two and a half hours – well worth the time. I did get caught up in reading entries as well as the comments so I wasn’t as efficient as I could have been. What was quite sad was that very few people commented on many of his entries. His consistent comments were from his cousin David and his sister Lauren. Many of his friends commented here and there but I’m just saying… Anyway, his posts are very interesting. If you think BJ was perfect, they will blow that perception right away. In his first entry, he explains why he picked the name he did and I don’t remember knowing that. He says:

In case any of you, or maybe just you two, (Lauren and David) were wondering why my username is DeadSilence7 and my "Welcome Message" says what it does, it is because I wrote a song having to do with my fleshly and incessant silence amidst the need for speech, and my complete inarticulation amidst my rare speech. It was contrived from my feeling that I never can say what i mean to, if i say anything at all when i need to, (for instance when I'm sharing Christ with the lost, etc) my cry out to God: change me and speak through me, and my cry to my flesh: go away and stop defiling the tongue upon which God wills to speak . . . The seven is because DeadSilence was already taken, so i decided to chose a holy number to vary my name from the one already taken.

Lauren and I went to youth camp with our church this past week. Lauren and I had to come home early because she just couldn’t kick this bug that she had. After visiting with the doctor, turns out she has pneumonia. Wow, we didn’t see that one coming. She is getting better every day, still sleeping an incredible amount, which I guess is not terribly unusual for her… However, I did get to know some of the students in our youth group. It was fun in an uncomfortable sort of way. I think my life of comfort is over… not really, we’re plenty comfortable, but it often feels like it in situations and places that are unfamiliar to me.

I’m surprised BJ talks about being silent and never saying what he means to when he seems to always know what to say but I guess that just shows how effectively God can work through us. Moses didn’t know what to say, claimed he couldn’t speak; Gideon was the least in his family and his family was the weakest clan (Judges 6); Jehoshaphat faces a “vast army” that sent him into a panic (2 Chron 20). These are some of my favorite examples in the OT of ways God showed His power through seemingly impossible situations and through weak, ordinary people. He is truly all we need. We know He is the one with the power but we don’t act like it. To think that all we have to do is be available, ready and poised to listen and follow His directions. Yet, we forget and get overwhelmed with… whatever. BTW, I learned today that w/e is short for whatever.

I’ve heard from Brent a few times. The team is doing well. You can check www.awestar.org, click on trip updates and Peru or whatever team you want to read about. They’ve changed the format and you can also leave messages. I’m sure they’d love to hear from you and how you’re praying for them. The teams all got to their respective countries without incident and are immersed in ministry. Continue to pray for stamina and perseverance, unity and focus, health and rest.



At 8:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Deanna -

I haven't been on the site in awhile. This last month has found me quite busy and I haven't found as much time to sit on the computer. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your comments today. I have found that the Lord often directs me to this site at times just when I need the particular comments being posted (Our God is so good!). So, I want to thank all of you, Brent, Brad, and Deanna for taking the time to share with us as I don't think you realize how much your words could mean to someone.

As you talked about BJ, Deanna, I realized how much I have to be thankful for as my oldest son turns 14yrs old today. He's a great kid, but, as any parent, I worry as to what the future will hold for him. I pray he will continue to let the Lord guide him in his decisions.

We have also survived, thankfully with house intact, one of the fires out here in CA. Again a reminder of the uncertainty of this life, but, that we can have certainty in our Savior.

We'll be praying for Lauren and that the Lord's healing hand will be on her.

Lisa Potter
Santa Cruz, CA

At 10:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Deanna, it's so good to hear from you! It's strange because I was thinking of checking that website where BJ posted. I was curious to see if his entries were still posted. I read so many in the book, and was curious. I pray that Lauren is recovering from her illness. I am sure she is glad to be home and in your care especially during this time. I know whenever I am feeling sick, I sometimes just want my mom to be there to comfort me. She is right where she belongs. Stacy

At 5:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been busy and haven't kept up with the blog or the website with the teams, (but I haven't been too busy to pray often). As I made the time to read it today I was moved to tears many times. How casually we don't even realize our freedom of worship. I definitely will be "yarping" even more frequently for all the teams. I love it when God awakens me during the night--feeling that I need to be praying right then and there for someone on the field! I guess I just needed to reach out and touch someone to comment to, since I can't comment to our teams.
I look forward to getting to know you and Brent more in the future.
Ginna (Aimee's mom)


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