Monday, December 15, 2008

a park in Lima, Peru decorated for Christmas

Last night, Deanna and I went to a church in Cleveland, Oklahoma to share. When we left Tulsa, it was 70 F outside. Forty-five minutes later in Cleveland, the temperature had dropped to 28 F.

A promised winter storm arrived during our service. We could hear the ice falling and hitting the building. Most people were talking about it before we began, as all had experienced the dramatic temperature differential.

The evening was a blessing to us. They served and incredible meal, and had sweet fellowship.

On our way home, the roads were covered with ice. Everything from rain to sleet to ice fell on us as we drove. We slowed down considerably and were amazed at how some people believe they have great skill on ice, and came flying past us.

As we drove through Tulsa, we saw an SUV do a 360 as they tried to exit. They hit nothing, and came to rest in the middle of the road. They sat still for quite a while collecting themselves, before moving on. Scary!

By the grace of God, we arrived home safely.

This morning as dawn breaks, the ice has left us clues to its arrival. Flower beds and sidewalks have turned white giving the appearance of being blanketed in snow. Schools are closed all over the area. Temperatures will not rise above 28 F.

Some roads are bad, we are told via the news media, but they speculate as to why schools have closed. In general, they say the conditions are not too bad.

I remember when I was young and it would threaten to snow. I would ask God to move in the heart of our superintendent and cause him to declare schools closed. It took a lot more to close schools there than it does here.

I was a paperboy for many years, and it didn't matter if it snowed or not, I had to get out and deliver the early morning paper or face a ringing phone of unhappiness, later.

I learned a great deal about discipline, integrity and follow through during those years. We were the stepchildren to the mail man. We delivered in rain, sleet, snow or whatever, but didn't get the same accolades.

I started drinking during that I know, I know, not a great habit. During a blizzard one year, it seemed that every other home I trudged to would invite me in for coffee or cocoa. I accepted every time. I was coooold, and it took the edge off.

I'm not cold anymore, but my coffee cup is usually nearby.

Anyway, I love when schools are closed and my family gets a break. My parents were both educators and so is my wife. My children were like I was, they screamed with glee, when those words showed up on the tv screen announcing a snow day! It was often followed by a happy dance! Anytime school is out, it feels like an unexpected blessing for them!

I thank our Father in heaven for the life He has provided, the safety, and the little unexpected blessings that come. He enables, even encourages rest. We must take it and benefit from it.

Hope your day is filled with a wintry blessing!



At 1:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

sure brings back memories of Indiana and Michigan. Snow days----we waited for them--both when I was teaching and when Gregg and Marla were in school.
Here it is rain and it is pouring right now.
Love you
Aunt Maralyn

At 9:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Brent for sharing. Beautiful pictures and testimonials...

Pat Davila


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