Monday, June 01, 2009

Karamoja, Uganda

Yesterday, I spoke at a church in a small town of Oklahoma. The associate pastor here, had just turned 30 years old. While that sounds very young to me today, I remember how traumatic 35 was for me. I can't explain just was!

This young man was a good sport.

After the service started, black and white, helium filled balloons were carried in and set on either side of the platform. When the service was over, a wheel chair was brought down the aisle, as a the congregation waited with a mixture of laughter and congratulations.

The pastor was then wheeled to a waiting hearse! The back of the hearse was opened and this 'birthday boy' climbed in for significant photo opp's.

The hearse then took him to the restaurant where he and his wife were treating us to lunch. The pictures his wife took are priceless! I have no doubt they will soon be displayed on facebook.

All of the foolishness found its way to warming the heart of this young pastor and made him feel wanted and respected. What a blessing it was to him on this day. Even though they celebrated the death of his youth, I know he will always have a youthful heart!

A little later this morning, I am heading to a Goddard School to talk to three and four year olds about cultures around the world. I confess, I am a bit intimidated. I have props and photos to pass around, but keeping the attention of this young age group for any length of time without being able to cavort around the room, is not a skill I know if I possess.

I am doing this at the request of my oldest daughter. She and her co-teachers are doing a summer unit on the World. I don't want to make a career of this. I am more nervous for this than speaking to large crowds on Sunday mornings.

Honestly, I think I will have a good time. I just know the whole thing will be unpredictable.

The one thing most children around the world have in common is their unexplainable joy in touching a bald head. If all else fails, I can open the floor for this.

I think I first discovered this when Lauren and Whitney were around three and five. They would take one of their mother's Q-tips, wet it, and then sneak up behind my recliner and begin to paint the growing bald spot on my head! Then they would flee down the hall with glee, knowing I was coming after them for revenge.

Anyway, it will be an interesting day. I do not get to talk about Jesus and am disappointed by that, but I am thankful to be able to have this platform, and trust He will use this experience for His glory.

I am thankful for the Lord's 'opening of doors' in life, that we can interact with others who are in need. A platform is built over time and we get to speak Truth to them. Not all will receive, but many will and their is joy in obedience and rejoicing in heaven for those who surrender their lives to Him.

Have a blessed week talking about your Savior to others!



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