Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The enemy is on the prowl.

I have heard from many in the past few days who are having/have had significant difficulties or losses.

I don't like to count them because I get overwhelmed. It deepens my love and respect for my Savior when I stop and realize He hurts for and loves them each, one by one. He knows what they are going through, and intercedes on their behalf.

That doesn't lessen my need to pray for them.

Prayer changes me. It moves me closer to His heart. Why am I so prone to thinking I can do things on my own? I can do so little without Him.

I am not a fan of the enemy or his ways. I am broken and tired from seeing his schemes be so effective against my Christian brothers and sisters. I do not pray enough.

I am so thankful for the Holiness of my God! His Son stood in the gap for me. He continues to lift me up before the Father. Why do I find it so difficult to pour myself out in significant prayer?

Too much of the time, I want to do everything else to help others, but fail to pray as I should! That doesn't make any sense at all. Prayer is where I should begin, and it should consume me on behalf of others!

Routinely, what I am plagued by is worldly minutia.

When I am praying intentionally, I remain much closer to Him. When I am praying intentionally, my desires seem to match up with His. When I am praying intentionally, I see Him move mightily! When I am praying intentionally, others are drawn to Christ in me.

When I don't seek Him, my heart strays to things that don't help me in good times or bad.

I am weary of seeing others fall prey to the enemies schemes. Why does this happen so frequently? Why do we let things get out of hand?

It begins and ends with selfishness. We fail to arm ourselves spiritually, and the enemy gains access.

Prayer is so vitally important in each of our lives, and we must continue to lift up those we know are struggling as well as those the Lord brings to mind. He is fully capable of being their strength in times of weakness.

Let us intensify our prayer efforts on behalf of our families and our Christian family.

I would also ask you to pray over my upcoming speaking schedule:

Sep 7th Houston Baptist University, Houston, Tx. Convocation with staff/students
Sep 15th Logos Church, Tulsa, Ok
Sep 18th Keystone BC, Sand Springs, Ok
Sep 30th Tulsa State Fair Chaplain, Tulsa, Ok
Oct 4th Tulsa State Fair Chaplain, Tulsa, Ok
Oct 6th Tulsa State Fair Chaplain, Tulsa, Ok
Oct 21st-23rd DiscipleNow, FBC Healdton, Ok
Nov 4th-6th iGo Missions Conference, Owasso, Ok

Thank you!


At 3:44 PM, Blogger Marti Pieper said...

Praying as you go and knowing that God will continue to use you in great ways. He has proven faithful to His calling and I am in awe of the people He has changed through you and your ministry.

praying in pink
with tender love


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