Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Posing with Evan in Mexico...

I have so often reflected on the story of Abraham and Isaac, as they built the altar of sacrifice together.

In earlier years, I thought it nearly impossible to comprehend... especially when viewing it through the lens of today's societal taboos, mores and norms.

Who could bind the arms and legs of their own child, hoist him atop an altar and raise the instrument of his death overhead, let alone actually take their life.

While my son was in the hospital and I entered his room, I daily saw a depiction of this story, and my soul would embrace it in ways I cannot find words to portray.

I drew comfort from it. I found discouragement in it.

It lingered.

I prayed.

It lingered more.

I continued to pray.

I still do.

I don't know that I will fully understand it's far reaching implications until I am able to sit down with Abraham and Isaac and reflect on that journey. I hope my son can be part of this discussion.

What I have understood from the story is that when we are called to sacrifice, God honors the attitude of our hearts, when that attitude is obedience. Through it, He blesses.

We will not always understand this in the moments of sacrifice. Sacrifice is usually accompanied by brokenness. It is vital that we cling to Him during these difficult hours/days/weeks/months/years.

In the story of Isaac, Abraham's obedience brought about great blessing. Isaac was spared due to his father's decision to do what God told him. His family was blessed for generations. And the generations would call him Father.

Not every story ends with lives spared. The consistent theme is glory and honor brought to God, and then blessing in sometimes intangible ways.

We are surrounded by those who suffer. Some because of their own poor decisions. Others at the imposition of another.

That God would send His only Son to die a hideous death is nearly incomprehensible. Yet we saw a depiction of this kind of willingness in Abraham and Isaac.

Blessing comes to each of us who call on the name of Jesus for Salvation, as a direct result of His unbelievable suffering.

When the whip found temporary grip amid His flesh, there was no relief. When the cross was thrust upon His back, there was a long road to death. When the hammer was lifted, there was no rescue. When the spikes severed nerves, no one held the soldier from pounding. When the spear was thrust, it emptied blood and water from His brokenness...

...and He gave it willingly. He suffered for our Salvation!

Perhaps we need to spend less time focusing on our perceptions of our own lack, and recognize that it cost Him, everything.

He now lives to intercede on your behalf and mine.

We may suffer for seasons, but His Salvation is eternal. He is worth it. Cling to Him, and He will hold and carry your burden.

Praise His Holy Name! Jesus!



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