Thursday, February 09, 2012

My son

All of us have spent time around spiritual leaders who self promote. Sometimes, we are that person.

God cares for each of us and His love for them is no less than what He has for you and me.

They can, however, be very difficult to spend time with. Some have hidden self promotion inside a wrapper of implied humility for so long that they think they are in fact, humble.

When Jesus set the example for us, He always pointed to the Father.

Far too many in leadership roles today, are blatantly pointing others in the direction of their own reflection, while attempting to wash their words in religiosity so as to appear not to be committing this flagrant foul.

Who is fooled by this? Very few.

To be clear, God still uses them.

Some of these are revered and lifted up as significant examples within our society, even within our churches. It is interesting that some who can be the most compelling speakers/preachers, through whom the Lord brings conviction and repentance, are personally, quite full of themselves.

We must remember that King David, who had broken most of the 10 Commandments, was still a man after God's own heart. The Grace of the Christ covers us, if we have called upon Him to be Savior and Lord.

The saying, "do as I say, not as I do," does not draw us into places of quiet reflection. Yet, it seems to be the motto suited for too many.

I need to be sure that I am putting Christ first and pointing others to Him at every turn. The sometimes overwhelming desire to promote self may increase my financial solvency in the near term, keep my face or my words in a community spotlight, but it would produce an uncomfortable lack of intimacy with my Savior.

I am not called to be like me. I am called to surrender me to the likeness of Him.

Those are two widely different approaches.

One cries, "look what I am doing for Him! Aren't you impressed?! Don't you want to support me?!"

The other, "look at Him! Isn't He incredible! Serve Him!"

The fundamental dissimilarities are easy to see. So why are they not easier to shed, for those who reside in this putrefied self encampment?

Others see it in them so clearly. I see it in me through high definition screening, when I wander near it. So why can't those who practice it daily, see it?

Perhaps, because I am not praying as I should.

If I pray for them vigorously, my God is faithful to bring change. If I waller in the frustration of their sin, I become part of the problem, not part of the solution. At that point, my own relationship suffers.

Without a doubt, self promotion in the cloak of false humility, fools few and dispatches many.

But what if I pray...hard...harder?

My surrender can impact change in the life of another, if my motivation is Christ focused... that they become more like Him, and not merely my attempt to dethrone their ego.

His ways are always better than my ways.



At 10:26 PM, Blogger GeoHunter said...

The way the Lord can move mountains and build bridges amoungst his people is utterly amazing. What happened to Bj was most unfortunate and a tragedy in and of itself. However the Lord has used his ministry and yours since to further the word and His kingdom. The example Bj set will be a long lasting one. Its my hope that your courage remains stedfast.


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