Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Following Him, no matter the cost. My life is not my own...

Recently, I was viewing a video from a mission trip Deanna and BJ took together. I found the scenes with him present, and hung on his every word and movement.

There were scenes where he was painting, cheesing for the video camera, teaching a Bible lesson to children of an apartment complex, playing games with them, loving on them, interacting with his team, giving a back rub to my good friend Lowell, and testifying to the things he learned while on mission that week.

A piece of that testimony and other clips are included in the youtube version of "I Would Die for You" (I also share this video as I travel and speak).

As I watched, I laughed at his sense of humor, and the way his quick wit disarmed others. I tend to forget that part of him. Being his dad, I guess I focused more on other areas.

I was blessed at one point as I could hear him talking off camera about me. I don't know what he was saying, but he seemed to be asking my friend Lowell a question about me. He wasn't being rude or ugly, lol. I was so thankful to catch this, as I had never heard it before.

I watched with anticipation as I thought I recalled getting a hug from him at the end when I picked he and Deanna up. I even caught a portion of our reunion when he was sporting the pink shirt that he bought to get a rise out of me. He was so proud of himself. This act would spawn the pink "prayforbj.com" t-shirt craze that would ensue later.

I wanted to feel that hug as I waited for the footage to role. I couldn't wait!

I must confess, the last time I watched this video, was years ago. Because of this, new things jumped out at me. Things I took for granted before.

I must say, I am just so very thankful that this video exists! Our then pastor, Larry Floyd, shot most of the footage. I loved hearing the banter between Larry and Beej. How incredible to hear his voice again!

As I watched, my breath was stolen as the scene I had anticipated finally arrived.

All I remembered was the embrace between us.

What I did not remember, was who else was in the viewfinder.

When the camera panned over to us, there we stood, arm in arm, only both of my arms were around him. My daughter Lauren was also next to me. This is not what took my breath.

What I did not remember was that we were having a conversation with our dear friends Nate and Amy (Lowell's son and daughter-in-love). They were inviting us to their home that evening!

My dear friend Nate went home to be with Jesus (and Beej) last October 5th. A significant lump resides in my throat even now.

I was so blessed to hear his voice again! I remember how much he loved my son, and he made sure BJ had the resources needed to get to Peru both years!

Deanna and I made a trip to Indy last month. We stayed with Nate's parents.

This unusually warm spring had brought about a significant event. The tree we planted in Nate's honor last October, was in full bud, and began to explode into bloom!

The mercies that the Lord allows us to experience always catch me off guard! It shouldn't be so, but it is.

I am so thankful for this video. It is a treasure of unspoken worth!



At 10:49 AM, Blogger gilbert said...

I'd like to have been there to watch the video with you and see and hear more of BJ - I have watched the 'I would die for you' video and he speaks to my heart every time when he says "you can say all you want to, you can do all you want to, but just show them that love." - thanks again Brent.


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