Thursday, July 27, 2006

We had been in NA for couple of weeks or more and discouragement was trying to devour our team as we were not seeing any tangible fruit. We sent them out to prayer walk (PW) the village that morning. In their time doing so, God began to open some amazing doors, and reveal to each person some amazing things.

They returned to us excited about what God had done in their brief hour or two PW. Upon their return we debriefed the walk, celebrated what Christ had done, and then shared a meal. After this, I set out on my own for one the only times I would do so.

I PW'd the village, and walked a ridge above the city. It was during the hottest part of the day, and the sun beat down intensely. I had my I-pod along and was listening to BJ's song (one of only a few times I would do so while there). I began to pour my heart out to the Father.

As I prayed, I was watching across the valley to hillside across the way. It was a cemetery. Hundreds, perhaps thousands were buried there. Not a single believer found their final rest in that place. My heart was broken and I wept for the people as I watched a grave digger preparing a spot for another who had passed.

The Lord revealed to me the need for workers to come to this land. I saw more clearly than ever what my son would have meant here. He was conversational, and nearly fluent in French. This is the business language of this country as they were formerly occupied by France. On our team we had one who spoke a bit of French and we often relied on him.

This young man, Jason, was revered by those we met because of his ability. It was a bit embarrassing to not be able to speak to those we came to minister to. The Lord still moved, but the need for someone fluent was realized early on. BJ would have been sharing with everyone. He would have had many conversations we could not, because he had taken the time to learn the language. Oh how I missed him.

His song played on. Before leaving for my PW, I had a conversation with one of the young men on my team. It was a "corrective" conversation, but the Lord had anointed the moment and we related beautifully. His reaction was humble and cooperative.

The words from the song seemed to cry out in my ears... "my life has never been this clear, now I know the reason why I'm here." The Lord opened my eyes and heart to those words, and spoke to me saying, "You are here for me to show you that I have called you to pour into those I put in your path."

He showed me in such brilliant fashion that He had called me, and affirmed my calling in these moments. My many times of desperation and discouragement were to be tempered with this firm word from the Lord.

I pleaded with the Father to reveal His hand and to show the students His glory. That evening, they young man I had counseled had the opportunity to lead the only person to Christ, we would see make a decision on this trip. It was truly a celebration! Many of our team had poured into this new believer before he surrendered. God showed us that it was a team effort, and that many of us played a role in winning him to Jesus.

This is the way we should view every decision for Christ. It is never one person who has done the work, but a team of ground breakers, prayers, seed sowers, waterers, and finally those who get to reap the harvest. Every role is equally important.

Those of you who lifted up this trip played an enormous role in this journey, and in this young man's decision for Christ! Praise God! I Praise Him for each one of you who have been faithful to Him through prayer. You have blessed His heart, and ours!

Be encouraged!!!



At 1:28 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Brent, Your words sang out to us this morning, planting, watering, cultivating, but in the end it is He who draws.

John 6:44 No one is able to come to Me unless the Father Who sent Me attracts and draws him and gives him the desire to come to Me, and (then) I will raise him up (from the dead) at the last day.

We are His instruments, His gardeners so to speak, so lets remember to plant those seeds that others may follow behind us to water and cultivate them so that the Lord can soften and draw the lost to His heart.

Thank you for this reminder today Brent.

In His Love

At 9:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey dad

i'm home from camp. and i'm coming to see you soon! i cant wait. we haven't figured out our sleeping situation yet..but we're working on it. if email will be easier for's mine--

cant wait to see you! love you!

At 11:48 PM, Blogger Scott Reed said...

I just got the latest Mercy Me cd, read about BJ and came to your site. What an awesome story. God bless you "dad".

At 9:24 AM, Blogger Praying in Pink said...

I cried over this story. We don't always get to see the "end" of our prayers, and I know the life turned to Him in newness is not really the end--but it blessed me to hear this beginning and how simple obedience played such a dynamic role. Awe Star says there are two stories, but that's not completely true. There are MANY MANY MULTIPLE stories of freedom--and you and your family continue to walk yours out every day.

We continue to pray over your rentry to Tulsa. After traveling this journey of barrenness, beauty, and brokenness, surely your life has never been this clear--now you know the reason why you're here. Our Lord and our God, guide the Higgins closely as they adjust to the "new normal" once again! (just a note: I think theologians call that process SANCTIFICATION!)

May the images you share with us move all our hearts to change and grow and move where He is moving.
Thank you for bringing us into YOUR story, Brent and Deanna. We love you and we continue

praying in pink,


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