Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A year ago we were aware of the unfolding tragedy that Katrina brought to the Gulf coast. It seemed for days and days... actually the remainder of our time in the hospital, Katrina was the vamp that all of the news reported on. It is unfathomable to see and know of all the destruction that she brought. Most of us were somehow touched by friends or loved ones who were impacted by the storm.

Simultaneously, a friend of ours named Jim wanted us to be aware of a new cd by Casting Crowns. On it is a song entitled "Praise You in the Storm." This song became our anthem. It's meaning found its roots deep within our experience. We played the cd for BJ on many occassions, always sure that he would one day come to appreciate the song as we had.

We found ourselves clinging to such things as our hope in Christ seemed mutliplied by hearing and claiming the message within. We were not alone. That song was claimed by multitudes of people who had endured difficult circumstances. Many can identify with it.

Later, when the Lord began to prompt us to share our experience, Deanna began to sing this song. The first time was last November, at Awe Stars leadership training weekend. It was and is a powerful experience to see a mother who knows the words of the song so intimately, share them with those who would hear in such a tender fashion.I am moved each time I hear.

Deanna will have the priviledge of sharing it again in September at FBC Snellville, Georgia.

Just as it was difficult for us to hear of Katrina and all she unleashed while we were walking the full length of the "valley of the shadow" in our own lives, it has been excrutiating at times to be just another story. We go to bed many nights, hoping to wake up and have this all to have happened to someone else.

We would never wish this on someone else, we just want to be free from the searing pain in our own hearts. I believe that there will never be a day when I am not reminded of BJ (nor should there be). I am eternally thankful for his legacy, his committment and the time we had to share with him. I just miss him a great deal, and I wish I could sit down and hear him ramble on endlessly about... whatever.

That which I was often annoyed with in his life, I am starved for in his absence.

Gods provision for us in the wake of this journey has been undeserved. I am not bitter. I am just lonesome.

I often wonder how our Father in Heaven was able to cope.



At 1:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


i remember that song often. i listen to it regularly and remember that weekend and the change that it was. just moving on almost. i think i told you.but that was the weekend that i grieved. that was the weekend that i cried..and cried..and cried.
anyway..that song it great. it means the world to me..mostly becuae i heard mom sing it first.

love you all. this is 2 comments in 1 day! WOW!

At 5:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been recalling the events of a year ago with you as you relive a painful anniversary. As I am praying for you, I would also ask your prayers for the families of Comair Flight 5191 that crashed in Lexington, Kentucky on Sunday. Living in the Greater Lexington area, I have heard and read all of the local reports about this tragedy. Full reports can be found at the Lexington Herald Leader website.

Yesterday, one day after the fatal crash in Lexington, another plane crash occurred in Breathitt County, Kentucky (the county where Mom lives). This was a small plane from Texas. The seven occupants were all from the same family. It went down in a very remote, forested area and exploded with no survivors. There were four children on board--the youngest, an infant.

Please remember all of the families in this part of Kentucky and relatives in other parts of the country who are suffering the loss of their loved ones from these tragic crashes in the last couple of days.

With love and prayers,

At 6:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems so stange to me Katrina seems like a lifetime ago and BJ being in the hospital seems like yesturday. I remember hearing you sing "i will praise you through the storm" for the first time, my heart broke. Every time I hear it I think of you.

Whit came for dinner last night we had great fun, I saw the scapebook Jared made for her VERY IMPRESSIVE.
Love Jeannie

At 6:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

P.S. to my previous prayer request:
One of the local Lexington stations just reported that relatives of the seven people lost in a small plane crash in Breathitt County, Kentucky yesterday, also had a relative who perished on the Comair Flight 5191 in Lexington the day before. They lost 8 members of their family within a two-day span. Please keep them in your prayers.


At 12:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's so revealing to see what circumstances God uses to enable us to choose freedom everyday. I think salvation comes once and for all, but to live in freedom is a choice that the enemy likes to make us think we won't "get." I am encouraged by your family, your learning, your sincerity, your diligence, your genuineness, and your willingness to admit when you're down. Please know that we ALL get down, depending on our own circumstance, and the enemy wants us to forget what freedom our new nature in Christ brings to us every day. You're not far from our hearts here in Northern VA...



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