Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Our lives are so full of noise. Some of it white, some of it black, some of it just noise. With the competition for out attention, it can be easy to listen to the wrong cues. We are bound to take a break from what it good and righteous and relax a bit, to listen to what isn't.

Seldom does it sound bad to us in the moments we turn our attention to it. It may even sound like a welcome old friend. One which brings back memories from yesterday. Ones we cherish, or ones that once carried pain but now are softened by time and we look back with fondness rather than true reflection.

Sometimes the din is so loud that we do not hear the timpani of our own minds trying to correct what is obviously ill-fated. In those moments we seem to have lost the volume control... we can't even find the power switch. We listen to words or sounds that stir our ire as if it were a recipe for our favorite homemade cookies. We indulge with no expectation of true fulfillment, but the fleeting hope of a moment of good taste.

Few sounds bring me the joy of one. With it comes the peace of knowing that though the world may be dark around me, there is still hope. It is a noise I am powerless to evoke. One that is foolish to wait for in expectation, but thankfully comes without warning.

It's a sound that was absent for a time. This joyful noise grew violently silent overnight.

It seems to be returning with some promise of being nearer the surface than it once was.

The reprise has begun. It's melody is sweet and it's aroma is reflective of the Master.

It is the precious and joyful sound of laughter from my dear wife in response to one of her children.

Those who know her, know her signature laugh. It draws you in and beckons you to enjoy life. Her laugh in response to her children is the sound of heaven to me. It is somehow different, unabashed. It is singularly unique in its reflection of what is truly important in life.

Though one facet of her laughter has grown temporarily still, it will one day be restored.

Lord, haste the day!



At 3:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


thank you for today. it broke my heart. thank you for sharing tho.

i miss you all immensely. i cant wait for november.

i need to email you..i have a story. i promise to soon.

can you email me your address as well though?? i guess i could just mail it to Awe Star.. since you're in a temporary living place. or that one. whichever one you think.

love you guys. alot.

At 5:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like Kristin, today's post broke my heart. Know that your family is continally on my mind and in my prayers... despite the fact I have yet to meet you (BA reminded me of that the other night...)

Love you lots,
Laura Allyn

At 9:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i too am so sorry!! wish i could break your silence.

At 11:48 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Brent you always seem to manage to bring me to tears on a regular basis. I know that this is not your purpose or desire when you post, but you tell the truth with such depth and intimacy, not leaving anything out and not hiding a single thing, open and vulnerable. Thank you for constantly showing us what it is to give "it up". Thank you for your honesty and your soft and gentle heart that shows so obviously every time you speak of the ones you love so much, your family. It is so refreshing to see a man shower his family with his love and affection with words and praise.
You all remain in our thoughts, our hearts and our prayers.

In His Love

Looking forward to seeing you both in a couple of weeks.

At 1:18 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Thank you Marti, isn't it wonderful when you can feel within your spirit that prayers are being spoken on your behalf, even though you may not know who it is that is praying. Your prayers are well felt and much appreciated, and praise God, Hollie is doing so well. She's had a real turn around in her attitude towards those in authority, and I can say that I truely love my daughter. Something I had trouble saying a few years ago and not something that I'm proud to admit, but I know that my God is bigger than any of my problems or challenges, whether they be physical, emotional or spiritual. He continues to have me in awe of His love, mercy and His outpouring of grace, and I'm claiming all His wonderful promises for my eldest daughter Emily, knowing that with them come conditions.
I've rambled, sorry, but I find it hard to hold in the things that my wonderful Savior continues to do for me.

In His Love


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