Friday, October 13, 2006

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Those who know me, realize I have a large emotional core. I am moved very easily. My family teases me because tears inevitably come when watching things like "Little House on the Prairie" or "Touched by an Angel," etc.

Recently a story was relayed to me that touched me deeply. It began the recent process of writing about those with giving hearts. Those who like the widow, give their 'mite.'

A young man (6 to 10 yrs. old) has on numerous occasions displayed his huge heart of compassion. He has revealed at just the right moments, his obedience to the Lord. He is aware of the suffering around him, even when others would think he was preoccupied with juvenile interests.

Sometimes it is humbling how children "get it," when adults don't.

A loved one was recently in his presence for a time, and saw this in action. His acts of generosity come not because he was taught to do this, but because his tender heart is prompted by the Lord, and he follows. His parents have recognized his compassionate spirit, and are trying to foster this. In an age when most children care only about themselves, there are still those who seek God.

Oh that we would move at the whim of the Holy Spirit each time direction was given to us.

As most children do, this young man collects coins and bills and stows them away in a place that is his own. He tucks them away and dreams dreams of how he will one day use this money.

I remember BJ doing this...I remember doing this myself. Beej would save what he had and begin to dream about what he would get when he had enough. A bass guitar, a new game for his game system, etc.

What sometimes happened, was he would end up using it for gifts for his family. This came about as a result of a time when he did not have money to buy Christmas gifts, and it was very hard for him. He decided then, that he would use his money, at least on occasion, to buy gifts for others. Deanna still wears with pride a cz ring that Beej picked out, and was proud to give her as a gift. Most who view it still believe it is real. To Deanna, it is. It is real sacrifice. It reflects real love, and not selfishness that is so often prevalent in our world.

The giving spirit is one that humbles and blesses the receiver, and those they relay their story to. That is how I came to know this story. Someone close to me was recently spending time in the presence of this young man. He ended up being the recipient of an unexpected gift. He was preparing to leave for a trip, and this young man knew. Upon the impending exit, in a private moment, this young believer produced a baggy full of money. He handed it over, and said something along the line of, "this is for your trip."

The recipient struggled for composure (it wasn't me) upon this most generous act. He did not know what to say. The immediate inclination was to give it back and resist taking money from a child. In a moments pause, he held onto it until he could speak with the mother.

She insisted that it not be returned. The lad has shared with his parents that he does this at the prompting of the Lord. Their desire is not to squelch this giving heart. It could damage his obedience to the Lord by inappropriate yet justifiable intervention.

You see, recently their neighbors got divorced. This precious young man knew it was happening. He had seen the pain in the wife's eyes. He had heard her sobs as she tried to carry on with life. He had been stirred at an overheard conversation of money issues. In those moments of her brokenness, he retreated to his room, then crossed the street, obtained her attention, and made his offering.

All that he had, all of his pent up dreams, all his hopes for self-fulfillment were layed down in this unbelievable act of selflessness. He looked up at this hurting soul, extended his arms and offered up his dreams as a balm for her broken soul.

Clutched in his precious fingers was his treasure. Her hope for the future was found in those moments as he gave to her all that he had...just as the widow from the Word had given her 'mite,' he gifted her with his piggybank.

How deep and soothing is the oil of selfless love.

Truly, from the heart of a child, we get a picture of our Savior.



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Love the myspace.
Julie Meils

At 3:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a beautiful and touching act of love. Thank you for sharing this story.

At 10:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The myspace is pretty cool - are you going to keep up with blog or just use myspace? Just curious!


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