Monday, March 12, 2007

I suppose it was inevitable. That at the conclusion of a powerful time of ministry from the Lord, someone would ask the obvious, but difficult question.

I know many of you were praying.

Last night I returned to the campus of Oklahoma State University. There, I had the privilege of addressing a group of Christian fraternity brothers from "Brother Under Christ" (Beta Upsilon Chi). This same weekend, they had attended a retreat. I believe the Lord has moved among them as He prepares them for obedience.

They are not used to having speakers that take so much of their time. I expected less attentiveness. This is a college campus where students frequently stay up into the wee hours of the morning or don't go to bed at all. I thought there would be more sleepy eyes, more nodding heads.

Not this night.

It became apparent rather early in my time with them that the Lord had ordained this evening. My friend Katie had tried to set up a time with them previously. Our dates clashed and it didn't look like it would work out. I thought it was not going to happen.

Then, my schedule got rearranged, simultaneous with their one last request for this specific date.

God answered the prayers of His children. He was in control of this room. The enemy tried to disrupt the evening with an older man who opened the door to find...I don't know what. Not this night.

Each young man was hearing every word. Their eye contact and body language were clues as to where their minds were. Focused. Listening. Ready.

As I often do, I shared the journey of my son, several years their junior, who set out to share Christ with a dying world.

They heard his words. They heard His Words. They seemed to dangle on each one. Surely, the Presence of the Lord was in this place.

These men identified with my son. They heard from the Holy Spirit as words were shared with them. They were being called to obedience. Not to go to a specific country. Not to participate with a specific organization. But to do the next thing that the Lord moved in their heart to do.

The format required that when I finished, I needed to leave so they could have their chapter meeting.

As my time was coming to a conclusion, a hand went up. Not a surprise, but still unusual.

The young man began, "This will be a little different. I mean, I'm sure others don't ask this."

"Go ahead," I said.

"How can you stand up there after what happened and not flip God off? I mean, I could never respond like that. Why didn't you ask Him, How the h*%@ can you do this?"

He went on to convey his own self-hatred, and that he cannot currently love himself, let alone try to love others.

His question was piercing. His boldness was honest. I appreciated his willingness to risk all in the presence of his brothers. Clearly, he is wounded and hurting deeply. I slowly strode to the back of the room where he sat. I pray the Lord filled my words and embraced his brokenness.

I was reminded of Isaiah chapter 6. He could not look me eye to eye, up close. He tucked his head down and tried to look at me periodically. Surely the Presence of the Lord was in this place. I could never elicit such a response.

I prayed for these young men, and I closed.

After my leaving, God's Holy Presence dwelled with them. He stayed their with His sons, on a campus Satan owns. Spontaneous prayer erupted. This was no normal chapter meeting. Not this night. The men prayed many times their norm.

Would, that God begin to move on campuses all over this country. That the prayers of His people would bring forth revival and the revolution that must be raised!




At 12:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen! Revive us O'Lord!

At 11:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Blessings on all who were present last night and especially on that young man who is hurting so deeply. I will pray for him, God knows who he is and what he needs. I will pray that he will seek it and He will provide it.

Peace, Tina

At 4:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was at that meeting on Sunday night, and what BJ was able to do has had a profound impact on how I view my mission as a Christian already. And that young man in the back who asked the unique question; after you left, God spoke through him and as a group we reached a new level of unity under Christ that night.


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