Sunday, March 18, 2007

In response to information from a coworker, I made my way out to the camp's pool house because there was water on the floor and "the sound of running water." It is still winter in Indiana, the water is shut off at the main and their definitely shouldn't be the sound of running water in a winterized pool house.

I found the water running across the floor from the corner where the water main comes into the little building, though the main itself was hidden from view by mounds of insulation used to keep the winter away. Focusing on exposing the problem area, I ran to the corner, reached down and pulled on the insulation only to be startled back across the room by movement a few inches from my face along with a hissing sound. A little raccoon sat on a shelf adjacent to the insulation in a state of obvious disgust with my presence; it had been inches from my face as I had bent down to address the water problem and fortunately, hadn't decided to exact it's vengence in a more physical way than a hiss.

I'm not certain which one of us had been more suprised, but after one of us ran across the room (me) and the other layed down on the shelf and covered his eyes (the raccoon), I took stock of the situation at hand. Under the insulation there was water spraying from a 2 inch split in the pipe, running across the floor to the drains. This little cat-sized raccoon had nested down in the insulation and as the electrical plug laying on the floor attested, had managed to unplug the heat tape that was wrapped around the few inches of the pipe below the valve that shuts the main off. This kept the pipe from freezing if the insulation did not.

The raccoon knew it was caught and didn't know what else to do to get out of the situation so it had assumed this comical posture - he was in full view, sprawled long-ways on the shelf with his front "hands" covering his eyes, just like a little child playing peek-a-boo. I was hoping that he at least was experiencing humiliation and shame for his transgression but somehow I doubt it.

In some ways I am no different than this little animal was. I may think that my sins are hidden only to cover my eyes with rationalizations when convicted or caught. Because I forget that God is present at times I think He isn't aware of what I am doing -- but our leaking pipes tend to give away our "secret" sins. His word tells us that He knows the number of hairs (or former hairs) on our head so can we really think that He isn't aware of everything we do?

This raccoon didn't know that the outlet, once unplugged, would lead to the destruction of its perfect, dry nest. Likewise, we can't always anticipate how far-reaching the consequences of our actions will be when we choose to disobey God. We may choose to nap on the shelf overlooking the devistation we have caused and we may get away with it for hours, days or months; but one day the pool house door will slide open and we will be held accountable.

Grateful for His grace,


(the interview that Brent referred to last week was a private arrangement made for the book about BJ's life which will be available in January 2008. Bart Millard very graciously shared the influence that BJ's writings, as shared through this blog site, had on his life and inspired the writing of the song "I Would Die for You.")

Praise to the Lord and keep praying: Brent shared by phone that though the team is still in training in Mexico, their presence has already led to a 16-year old prostitute giving her heart to the Lord!


At 10:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes! The trip is already worth it :)!

Thanks for keeping us updated Brad & know we are praying for everyone on the team & you as you share with us.

In Him,

At 10:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The angels have already starting rejoicing over the events of this trip. So, often we hide ourselves from God and hide our deeds from Him, not realizing that He knew them before we did them. Thanks be to God for His infinte wisdom and grace.

At 7:33 PM, Blogger Praying in Pink said...

Very wise insights, Brad. Thanks for filling in once again.

And I'm glad the little guy chose not to attack you!

More updates and pictures on the Mexico trip are available at . Click "Trip Updates" and then either "display trip updates" or "display photos" and "SpringBreak 2007."

[And. . .that cute "good knight" holding the newborn? She belongs to Jesus, my husband, and me!]

praying in pink,
with tender love,



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