Friday, March 02, 2007

The other day Deanna and I went out to dinner at a restaurant that has its roots in Indianapolis. There is only one in all of Tulsa. We decided to stop there for a bite.

One of the things we are still getting used to is how "the wind comes sweeping down the plain." It blows steadily. I am not sure it ever stops. This particular evening, it had kicked up to even more significant levels than usual.

I was looking outside while sipping on my peanut butter shake, and saw an unusual color in the sky. It was as if we were in an aquarium, and the water suddenly stirred and silty shades arose to cloud the tank. The kind of view that made you want to take off your glasses and wipe them clean (oh yeah, I don't wear them) or ask the manager if he couldn't have the windows washed so we could see outside.

I sat there for quite a while trying to remember where I had seen this before. It was vaguely familiar, and yet unusual.

When we were leaving it dawned on me. When we actually got outside, and I looked up into the sky, I remembered.

Last summer, while in Africa, this was a usual occurrence. The hot desert wind would would blow and fill the sky with sand. The color of the sky changed completely, and what was a beautiful blue, took on hues that were tainted and dirty.

The people of the land would pull their tent flaps shut or rush to the perimeter of their homes and close specially made shutters which would prevent the sand from entering their domiciles.

At its worst, we were driving through a corner of the desert when this scirrocco began to pelt our van. At 120 degree temperatures and no working air conditioning, we had to roll up our windows, and allow the sand blasting to occur while watching from the inside of this fishbowl. The only moisture present flowed freely from our pores.

The uniqueness of the experience made it tolerable, even though breathing the air was as funky and difficult as it sounds.

Serving a loving Savior sometimes takes you to places you would prefer not to be. Often your view of the situation can be obscured. It may appear that no ministry is happening, while the Holy Spirit is hard at work. Our obedience certainly does not require our own 20/20 vision or comfort. Just a willing heart.

When He leads you to places where you cannot find once-present borders of ease and understanding, your view will require faith. The "fight or flight" response will kick in.

Remain and serve or run and find the corner of complacency that you somehow left behind.

Our Father in heaven sometimes blinds us to the obvious when He is leading us to accomplish His will and purpose.

If you are being stretched, you are blessed!

If you are at your ease, its time to step out and make a difference!



At 9:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

God Bless you,
Greenfield, Indiana

At 11:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You GO Girl!! It is awesome that after all this time many of you are blogging, keeping in touch, remembering, praying, praising! AWESOME!!

At 10:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yep, a shake and steakburger makes me feel like I'm back home again in Indiana. Always has even though it's been 26 yrs. I look back at where He has lead me and I am amazed. Yet I wonder, if I knew what was ahead, would I have gone? Like to think so but I know myself better than that. Praising Him for being patient! Praying always for all of you. \o/


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