Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Recently, Deanna and I had the opportunity to go boating (and wake surfing) with some friends. This is my lovely bride before she surfed.

Neither of us had ever wake surfed before. We had both been on water skis, but honestly, didn't even know what wake surfing was.

Basically, you use a very short rope that pulls you no more than five to ten feet behind the boat on a surf board. When you get up, you can release the rope and the momentum of the wake being pulled behind the boat keeps you moving right along. One who is skilled can cut back and forth across the wake and remain in the pull of it's tide.

One who is not skilled, hangs onto the rope for dear life and the look of terror is permanently etched on their face. Guess which one I personify?!

Regardless of your answer, you give me too much credit. I got up on the surf board (so did Deanna), but I certainly got no points for style.

I listened intently to the instructions being given me. I knew I had no chance of being able to do this, unless I had a clue what I needed to do. I took the information I was given, and successfully rose out of the wake and onto the water.

I remember many years ago when I was learning to water ski. Once up, I would jump the wake repeatedly, getting as much air as I could. I absolutely loved the thrill of the moment!

Like I said, "once up."

Getting from down in the water while fastened to a couple of planks and trying to keep them balanced before the boat took off, was hard work until I got the hang of it.

The next step was the one that nearly kept me from ever getting up. When you are being pulled behind a speed boat, strapped to pieces of wood that want to head off in opposite directions it places you in a very vulnerable position! Meanwhile the the force from the pull of the boat, drags you under water where the overwhelming desire is to let go before the incoming water enters every orifice and inflates you like a 'raisin' returning to 'grape,' status.

Overcoming the urge to let go, with the knowledge that if you can just hang on for a moment or two longer, you will be up and gliding like a figure skater, was difficult for me. In those moments before being "upped," I was sure I was about to die. I was filled with terror and exhilaration at the same time.

I find my life to be like this right now.

When God is doing a new work in you, it can be one of the most uncomfortable things imaginable! You are stuck between joy and terror, fear and amazement, even faith and unbelief.

You know that if you can hang on and be faithful, He will pull you up and show you new and incredible things. In the moments before that happens, it can feel like your life is being withdrawn from you, and there is little hope. This is primarily because we tend to look at these events through the lens our own experience and ability. These moments are not about our own experiences. They are about our obedience and trust. Having the faith to believe that He will deliver.

He will deliver!

When Peter was walking on water, the sudden realization of where he was nearly cost him his life (or so he thought). He quit looking at Christ, and began interpreting his circumstances based on his abilities. At that moment, he plunged.

We cannot look to our own abilities when God is looking to draw us into new experiences. We must endure the desert, trudge through what looks like certain peril, and then soar aloft on the wings of eagles! He will deliver, if we remain obedient.

We must look to Him for the steps we must take. If we are scanning our memory banks for the answers to the questions ahead, we will not find what we need, save the one where we have a surrendered heart of obedience.



At 4:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thank you Brett for allowing the Spirit to speak so personally through your obedient heart.

Exactly described. Perfectly felt. :) Can't wait to come up & breathe!

Praise the Lord for HIS faithfulness.

One moment at a time.

Continuing to pray for all of you during this time. It is very easy to feel back to that time for us and I am sure it is tenfold for you. We will remain on our knees for you.

Love in Him,

At 10:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is so true and exactly what I needed to hear! Many times of unbelief can strike very quickly when I am not paying attention. The pain of growing and following God can seem unbearable at the moment, but the reward is incredible! Thanks for all you do for me!


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