Monday, September 17, 2007

There are few things that bring us satisfaction and encouragement in life like hearing our own name being called.

When others call it out, the ring of familiarity brings about the notion of being needed. Being needed is something we all desire.

Sales people are trained to learn your name and use it frequently. This builds trust and helps you to feel at ease. Whether false or not, it tends to build your confidence that this person actually has your best interest at heart.

Hearing your name being called by those you are closest to, rings of intimacy. Of course, the tone of voice used says much about the intended direction of why your name is being called. We learn quickly to be able to tell if we really want to answer the person or not.

Still, our name is our name. Even if we share it with others, we can usually tell if we are being addressed or if someone else is, by the familiarity of the voice doing the calling.

When someone new uses it, hope and the potential for friendship come to mind.

Hearing your name coupled with your middle name usually implies trouble. Either you are already in it, or you are about to be.

Having the word Mr., Mrs., or Ms. implies formality. Someone who does not know you, but is offering respect.

The use of your nickname often tells you that you are close with the one speaking. It can even evoke memories in the instant it is being used. Transporting you to a time and place when things were "better," less "complicated."

There can be situations where the use of your name implies a lack of respect. Consider the child who calls his parents by their first name.

My children only ever did that when teasing. How it blesses my heart to hear my daughters call out "daddy," when they need me. I miss my sons voice. I miss the unusual derivations of "daddy" that he would come up with. Even then, his voice was full of love and laughter.

Seeing your name in print usually is a good thing. It gives a sense of achievement, accomplishment, of recognition for a job well done. Most of us would like that.

However, there are times we'd rather not hear or see our name. When our failures become public knowledge, seeing them in the paper for criminal offense, divorce, etc. do not bring warm fuzzy feelings. Somehow, we would prefer not to be recognized. Our hope moves to the desire that others are too busy to read.

I am so thankful that my sins have been forgiven me, and that my Father in heaven does not recognize me for those things, but for the righteousness of Christ. I long to hear Him call my name. I am already close to Him, but to hear Him use my name will bring such a flood of indescribable feeling.

He cares enough for me to call me by my name. Revealing His depth of desire and compassion for my heart in the use of one word. I cannot wait!

In our world where things are often confused and backwards, I can't help but wonder how it makes Jesus feel, to hear his name spoken more frequently by those who do not know Him, than those who do.

Use His name today to draw Him close, to worship, to just love on Him and let Him know how much you care!



At 12:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

God Bless,
Greenfield, Indiana

At 8:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I difinetely will use His name.

Hope my prayers are with you four.

Love, Leslie

At 9:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Higgens, you just spoke at my retreat. I was definetly moved. My prayers are with you


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