Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Deanna and I in Mexico. We were surrounded by throngs of people who wanted to see our teams gospel presentation. Many came to Christ!

I think about how I grew up in church being taught to behave in ways that were respectful and reverent. I understand the reasons for this. I have behaved this way for most of my life.

When things occur that are contrary to this display, how is it received? Part of the answer will be based on what actually has occurred. Another, on the understanding of those who saw it unfold. Still another will be based on how others have been brought up and what they believe to be right

A few years ago in church Deanna and I were part of the Praise Team. We were introducing a song that we knew may be difficult for some to worship with. It tended toward the side of not being reverent. At least from the view of some.

The song was describing King David's experience when he danced before the the Lord with all of his might. He did so in public and he was not fully clothed. They had returned the ark of the covenant to it's rightful place. David was humiliating himself before the Lord. He was so focused on God that his actions, though perceived by some as irreverent, and disgraceful, were an offering of how full his heart was.

His wife Michal (King Saul's daughter) confronted him and attempted to put him in his place. His response?

"I will celebrate before the Lord. I will become even more undignified than this, and I will be humiliated in my own eyes" 2 Samuel 6.

Michal would never give birth to any children.

God knows when our hearts are full and when we must demonstrate to Him what the overflow. We must let it spill out at times. In the process, we are going to make others uncomfortable. As I write this, I am reminded of how some of the body responded to the song we sang, reflecting this. Some were aghast.

In order to help them understand beforehand, I had even read this passage of Scripture to help them see that just because we have worshipped in a specific way for a lifetime, does not make it the only right way.

We do not like to be humiliated. Especially in the presence of others we know.

It is not my intent to advocate that we dance half naked in church. I am saying that when the Spirit of the Lord moves over us in such ways that our hearts are so full that we have to spill out in some way the offering that dwells within, it can be a humiliating experience.

When that happens, it is okay!

Yes, some will be uncomfortable, but the Lord knows our hearts! He sees what is happening, and even gave us Scripture which reflects this very thing. We need to care more about what Jesus thinks, and less about our traditions for the sake of tradition, when what we are practicing has more to do with what is perceived as right by those in the church, than what Scripture actually reflects!

Yesterday, I had the privilege of speaking to a small group of students. These were not ordinary young men and women, but those who are sold out for Him.

I became so full of passion and love for these as I shared with them, that I ultimately humiliated myself in their presence. I knew I had not done anything wrong. I knew they did not think I had. Nonetheless, I was humiliated.

I sulked afterwards, trying to understand what had happened. Why things had run the way they had. I went to bed last night, frustrated.

I awoke this morning with the Lord reminding me that being humiliated in His presence and for His glory is a God honoring thing...just like David's dance in a linen ephod.

I am so thankful that though I spend way too much time trying to please men, what really matters is whether or not my life is bringing glory to God!

Don't be undignified for the sake of bringing attention to yourself as some do. But if the Lord moves over you in such a way that the only option of obedience is to become humiliated in His presence, then do not be ashamed to do so. Some may look at you with disdain, but you will make the Father's heart glad. In so doing, others will see the way.



At 12:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen to that!
God Bless,
Greenfield, Indiana

At 8:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been in a situation where standing up and praising the lord in a church service was not the thing to do, I will say that doing so was a wonderful feeling on my part but sadden for others. I was the one with the blessing from


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