Monday, October 01, 2007

Happy 18th Birthday BJ!!!
To say that God moved in San Antonio would be saying too little.
There are those times in life where He has all of the right circumstances set into place for an incredible move of His Spirit, and all that must be added is the obedience of those who are involved. I believe last week at Alto Frio Camp with the students, teachers and parents of San Antonio Christian Schools (SAC's) was such an experience.
Enthusiasm abounded within the hearts and energetic bodies of most students as our time together got underway on Wednesday. All were filled with anticipation over the coming week. Certainly, the fact they were on retreat and not in classes, helped set a positive mood.
Joel and Joseph, two brothers who are graduates of SAC's led worship. They used to play with "Salvadore" (the Christian band). They were absolutely amazing! What humble and gentle spirited young men. They consistently led us to the throne in worship.
I shared BJ's story during the Wednesday night session. The students were challenged to look not at BJ, but Christ, and to live a life pursuing Him, with all that they were. They were challenged to "raise a revolution," for our Lord. Their response the Holy Spirit's movement in their hearts was dramatic. The altar was overwhelmed with students and adults...but there is always room for more!
God continued to call them to obedience in the following sessions. They were challenged to lay down their rights to themselves and to begin living for Christ, and Him alone. They heard about hearing and discerning the voice of God in our lives. They heard about stealing time from our Father in heaven through (unintentional) idols raised up in their lives.
My own heart was under conviction as this message was delivered. I knelt at the altar to pray. The SAC's principal was one of the first to respond. He laid out on his face in brokenness before our Father. When I raised my head to stand, I could not move for the crush of students around me. Many worshipped the Lord at there at the altar, as few could move.
That evening, the seniors of SAC's (who had been the small group leaders among the underclassmen) returned to worship together after leading their team discussions. That worship was moved down to the river. As these senior came before Jesus to worship Him, and seek Him on how to raise a revolution, He began to move among them!
Many were baptized (three SAC's staff were present with them). After baptisms, they got on their faces before the Father and sought Him collectively through prayer. The manliest of jocks wept like babes, over their sinfulness. Prayer for the lost and broken abounded. Revival began among the senior class.
It spilled into the final morning session. Testimony of what God had done was given. The Lord called many to serve Him through missions or abroad.
I continue to be blessed by messages I am receiving from students and parents of students whose lives were rocked by the Holy Spirit. If you read the blog comments you will see several that were added in this forum.
I praise God for His powerful movement. I am aware that movements come and go with emotion. I am equally aware from information I am receiving, that this movement is different. Its not the Thursday night camp cry.
Please pray for the SAC's students and faculty. Please pray for their parents. Protection and direction is needed as the Lord channels the energy raging within the hearts of His surrendered ones!
Praise God!


At 9:51 AM, Blogger Kim Mierau said...

Wow, Pappy! What an amazing time to be a part of! Thank you for listening to God and going, even during those days when you probably wanted to be with Deanna, Whit, and Laur.

Happy birthday, BJ!!!

At 11:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord!!!

Praise the Lord!!!

How incredible to see His hand move in such powerful ways when you join His work!

We will CONTINUE to pray the wave grows.

Love you, Love Him, Love His ways,


At 11:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is so amazing to hear about God's work through others and hearing about so many TRULY giving themselves to Christ.

We had a young man from our church, age 19, die last week. I didn't know him personally but from everything I heard, he was a very similar soul to BJ. Spirit filled, living to bring others to Christ. Over 600 people came to celebrate and remember his life. Although part of me wants to question God why He keeps taking what seems like some of his most faithful followers that could do so much great work down here, I think of all the people that have been/and will be touched and brought to Christ through their deaths and realize it's not my place to question God's timing nor do I need to understand. I just need to trust and believe.

Blessings for all of the Higgins family as you remember and celebrate the gift of BJ in a special way today.


At 5:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Higgins, my name is Claire Bauerlein and I am a student at SACS. I am so blessed and continue to be blessed from your son's story and your message to us. Today was amazing! I was expecting to come back to school with only a memory of what happened at Alto Frio, but what I saw was so much stronger than that! There were Bible studies, students reading their Bibles in the hallway, and a great class discussion in Bible. But, even though today was still a mountain-top for us, we still need you to pray fervently for us as we continue to go through out everyday routines...pray that we will continue to grow in Him and never stop pursuing him..that we will not be satisfied by just a three day long retreat, but that we will surrender to God and enlist in His army.

Again, thank you so much for coming! Had I not heard your message, my life would have been the "same ol, same ol" that it's always been.

At 6:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

God Continues to Bless,
Greenfield, Indiana

At 3:54 AM, Blogger Phil Christensen said...

love you all, and am praying for you!

At 8:13 PM, Blogger Lyndsay Lyon said...

Mr.Higgins, my name is Lyndsay Lyon, a Senior at SACS. I just wanted to thank you for obeying the call to come and speak with us,regardless of how much you wanted to stay with your family on such a memorable date. The life of your son,BJ, has spoken volumes to me and my fellow classmates and has urged each of us to begin the REVOLUTION FOR CHRIST! WE all agreed that we need to do something about it instead of just waiting for others to take the first step! Your obedience to the Lord is something that i truly admire and hope to attain one day.
As for now, im doing everything i can to do what you told us God's will tell everyone i possibly can about what happened at retreat and much more what happened to the Senior class as a whole. To be completely honest, the class of 2008 from San Antonio Christian School has never been united for one purpose-and Retreat proved that God truly does work in amazing and mysterious ways. He not only united our class, but but began an uprising for His names sake,that with obedient hearts, will be spread like a wildfire throughout the nation!
I was one of the Seniors down by the river that night and i tremble at the keyboard, not knowing exactly how to explain what happened. We got to the river at around 1am after we had a unifying Senior fellowship time in the sancuary accompanied by 'remember when' stories of our time at SACS, and had only planned on staying for 30minutes (as our sponsors had asked us). We carried the spirit and heart of worship over to the river with us, and began singing as soon as we got there. When one song would end,the next would begin, bringing new truths to my eyes by actually stopping and listening to the lyrics,which i had never really done before. The night sky was light by the beautifully placed full moon, and the water was reflecting God's glory. While singing the song "love song" by Abbi Walker, it became apparent to me that God gave us so much to be thankful for and we take so much for granted, which brought me to tears realizing not only in regards to his creation, but also through his death on the cross. This song also made it apparent to me that while i was living my life according to my rules,God was working in powerful ways to those who would simply tisten to His guidance and direction. This also brought me to tears, realizing how much of my life had gone to waste, and at that moment i made a promise to not care what others think about me, that life isnt about getting what you want,its real fulfillment comes from doing the AMAZING work of our creator and savior. We sang long past our thirty minute restriction,with our sponsors thanking God for our willingness to surrender. WE sang for about an hour or so, and one of our boys,Walker, stepped up and asked one of our sponsors,Joe Garza, to baptize him. After praying over him as a class, he was baptized. WE all stared in amazement at what God had just done in our fellow-classmates life, not knowing the work he was about to accomplish in our class and much more, the entire high school. We had no idea what He had in store for us that night,but we continued to obey the callings He gave us to obey and take that first step of faith. We had many more step up and ask Joe to baptize them as well, realizing that their life was not their own,but simplyh a vessel for God. I was one of those who was convicted and felt the immense need to SURRENDER EVERYTHING to my wonderful and awesome creator!
As i stood in the frigid,ankle-high water, i realized the support i had from my fellow classmates as they preyd over me. People i wasn't necessarily friends with were coming together praying over me,which brought my thoughts to Christ. As i stood there, i had no goose bumps,but my legs were shaking, with a sense of fear about the situation. The first feeling i had were those of comfort and ultimately protection. However,when my class sponsor,Mr. Murphy prayed over me, he repeatedly prayed that i would SURRENDER all to what God was telling me and trust in His truth and also praye that satan couldnt get to me and would NOT allow me to hold back ANYTHING. As soon as he spoke those words, my legs stopped shaking and an unbeleivable amount of comfort and hope filled my body. I know through this experience, God is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS working in AMAZING ways, it is just our choice to follow His calling or not. However, if I did not take that step of faith that night, i honestly would be living a life not worthy of example and for that i am wholly grateful. We stayed at the river till around 645 in the morning, and continued to pray in groups around the camp that morning, realizing Gods power and love. Im not positive,but im pretty sure around 25 Seniors took the step of faith to either get baptized for the first time or become rebaptized that night. That experience cannot be repeated,however, we agreed to meet regularly to keep up the faith that we all proclaim in Christ Jesus,in hopes to continue the AMAZING work that God started that night. With all that, i wanted to thank you for coming to speak to us and let you be encouraged that your testimony spoke volumes to this class and hopefully soon throughout this hurting nation. I want you to know you are an awesome vessel of God and a strong and mighty man,teaching that truth in love,not caring what others think-it speaks volumes to me. I wanted to leave you with one saying i repeat to myself time and time again since that night...THE JOURNEY HAS JUST BEGUN...WHAT AM I GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?
Thanks again
-id love to hear from you for more encouraging stories similar to
if anyone has any; questions or comments about that night-please feel free to email me for clarification or encouragement...i want to tell,...and i WILL OBEY!

At 10:55 PM, Blogger Ilianna Maxine Garcia said...

Hey Mr. Higgins,
Its Ilianna I wanted to say Hi!
I don't know if you remember me, we met at the SACS retreat. Thank you for igniting the flame. We HAVE kept it burining, so praise God!
We all apprciate you and your love for the Lord. I personally wanted to say thanks! Your awesome. Have a good week.
-Ilianna G.

At 10:35 AM, Blogger Pam DeFrees said...

I am a teacher and mom at SACS. My husband and I talked with you in the lunch line on the last day about what God is doing in our family's lives. I am still overwhelmed at what God did at retreat. I am continuing to see God change hearts in the students and am continuing to see God shine through those God called back to Him at retreat.
The seniors shared from their hearts to the entire High School during our chapel service last week.
Yesterday, I was subbing in a classroom where I saw that the teacher had written this on the board: "Everyone was filled with awe" Acts 2:43 Retreat 2007.
What a great verse and a great reminder of what God did and is still doing.


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