Monday, November 26, 2007

Deanna and me in the Awe Star offices.

What a blessing it was to be with family over Thanksgiving! We traveled toward Kentucky on Tuesday night, and spent the night in eastern Missouri. We drove through the Mark Twain National Forest, which I am sure was beautiful, but you could not tell as it was dark. My girls thought we were on an old logging road as we went up and down and from side to side (interrupting their sleep).

We arrived on Wednesday and were able to relax and enjoy our loved ones! Whitney arrived an hour or so after we did, from Indy. Deanna's brother and his wife have a new baby boy, and we were thrilled to get to hold him. Our feast was incredible!

After lunch on Saturday, we made a quick trip to Indy to have a private dinner with Whitney and Jared. We spent two or three hours together, then headed to my brothers to spend the night. We got up before dawn on Sunday, and headed back to Tulsa.

Seeing family is a huge joy. Departing is a tragedy. We wished we had had a couple more days to visit with family and friends we did not get to see.

I can honestly say that being in Indiana felt like "home." I have missed it and the people we didn't get to see, more than I realized. The air was filled with woodsmoke from roaring fireplaces, and the skyline in silhouette was a beacon.

It is said that "you can never go back." I don't know if that is true or not, but on this brief visit, that adage seemed misguided.

We were back. It was far too brief, and I know we weren't there to stay but the familiarity rang true and warmed my soul. Though we had told no one we were coming, we ran into friends on the interstate, and had a conversation from car to car as we drove. That brought us encouragement!

The hospitality of Jared and my brother were so inviting. We needed that time. Though I don't enjoy the long drive as I wish I could, I truly enjoyed Deanna's mother and her family as well as being "home."

My brother and I leave for Peru in a little over a week. We will be taking the financial resources that some have sent to the "BJ School." I look forward to renewing acquaintances and being with Brad for his first trip to South America. Shortly after that, we will be with family again to celebrate our Savior's birth. How precious that occasion will be, and how much we look forward to it!

Tomorrow afternoon, I will be speaking at a Christian School in Yukon, Oklahoma. I look forward to that time with the students!

I look forward to the day when celebrating with family will be perpetual, and "home" will be eternal. No leaving, no long drives. Just Jesus, and family...finally home.



At 10:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I look forward to the day when celebrating with family will be perpetual, and "home" will be eternal. No leaving, no long drives. Just Jesus, and family...finally home."

Amen, dad! Praying for a blessed trip for you and Brad to Peru.
Mark \O/

At 12:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

God Bless,
Greenfield, Indiana

At 8:28 PM, Blogger Marti Pieper said...


Having all our children home for Thanksgiving was a wonderful celebration for us! Watching them laugh, play games together, tease one another--lots of things to "treasure up" in this mother's heart. Being in church together Sunday (even though grandparents and one child had left by then) was wonderful, too. There's something about worshiping together that is very holy and eternal--maybe because He created us for that purpose and in that way.

Thank you for continuing to share your family and your life with us. We are praying for Lauren in her new job and for Jared and Whitney and their new pledge of lives and hearts--and for Mom and Dad as they watch, wonder and pray over it all!

Continuing to lift you up, my brother, as you "go and tell" tomorrow and on to Peru next week.

with tender love
and prayers in pink,


At 6:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please pray for my husband, he informed me that he wants a divorce after many years of marriage. I am handicapped and have no idea what to do, how to care for my kids as well as myself. I thought when I married him he was a man of God but his actions and lifestyle are showing me differently over the past 15 years. Please pray that he will return to church, he hasn't gone since last Christmas.


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