Monday, March 10, 2008

Lauren and Whitney build a relationship with an Amazigh young lady.

I had the privilege of speaking to a mission team that is leaving for Trinidad soon, over the weekend. The team is made up of 30 students and adults. I had the honor of commissioning them. What an encouragement to have the opportunity to help others embark on a mission of obedience!

Tonight at 7:00 CT Deanna and I will be interviewed live on the Thor Tolo show (KGNW) in Seattle, Washington. This is our second opportunity to speak in the Seattle market. I am afraid I have done a rather poor job of keeping you informed about the radio interviews. Most have the capability of listening live from their websites, regardless of where you live. This is the last currently scheduled interview. We have completed about 20 over the last couple of months. We have been blessed to be on the air from Seattle to Orlando, and from Worcester to Las Vegas as well as many points in between. What an amazing experience...what an Awesome God!

One of the things that you pick up on in working with students for many years, is the ability to tell which ones are really focused and which ones are going through the motions for the experience.

One of the keys, is their attention to the Word.

Two years ago, in Mexico, there were three students on our team that caught my eye. They did so, because of the stark contrast between them and the others. It was not a matter of good and bad. It was a situation of good and best.

I am not sure I am going to be able to properly convey what is in my weary head this morning. What I am trying to say, is that when students are following hard after God and have a passion for what they are doing, they stand out. BJ stood out. These three, stand out.

It doesn't make the rest of the team poor missionaries. It simply reveals that we all have different commitment levels in our walk with Christ. Those who are completely sold out, display this without trying to. It becomes evident in the very way they live their lives.

Certainly, there are pretenders...those who try to make everyone believe they are deeply committed. Unfortunately for them, most around them realize that there is a lack of connection between the front they put on and how they actually live.

These three were usually in the Word together at each break. If they weren't in the Word they were circled up praying. This stands out in contrast to others who are in fellowship together. There is nothing wrong with fellowship. It's just that those who cannot get enough of Jesus, seem to hunger more deeply for Him, and the time they spend together is in pursuit of His desires not their own.

We all need down time. We all respond different to intense ministry situations. The mission field on a short term trip is usually intense. There is so much to do, so many people to connect with. You are looking for every opportunity.

Being prepared for those opportunities is what it is all about. The three stood out because they were routinely using their down time to connect with the Lord so they could be better prepared to spill Him into the next opportunity.

Again, I am not saying the other missionaries were poor. I am saying these three were the best prepared because they were in His presence seeking hard after His will at every spare moment.

I want to live like that, and I don't. I want to be the best prepared so that I do not miss out on opportunities to share my Savior with others. At 18 or 19 , these three have now served in a half dozen nations around the world.

They do not lead charmed lives. They have struggled through some very intense adversity and continue to overcome. They overcome because they return to the Source for refilling. They walk with Him more closely than most.

Their lives reflect who Jesus is, and what He wants to do with each of us.

They yield and He ministers. They yield and He ministers. They yield and He ministers.

Those who are the best ministers are the most yielded to Him.

Yield with me.



At 9:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for continuing this blog. It has been such a blessing to me!!

At 12:29 PM, Blogger Marti Pieper said...

Yielding, yielding as God prepares me to GO.

Here's the link for the Higgins' interview tonight (8 PM Eastern, 7 Central, 5 Pacific):

(Click the "Listen Live" button near the top of the page.)

with tender love
and prayers in pink,


P.S. THANKS to those who have reviewed I Would Die for You on the Crossings, Amazon, or other sites. You are helping the Higgins as they continue sharing BJ's message of surrender and obedience.

At 7:43 PM, Blogger ritaleelovesyou said...

Such an encouragement and a challenge!

At 10:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just heard BJ's Mom and Dad on KGNW in Seattle. All I can say is God claimed one of His own. WOW! I am truly sorry you lost your son. I have a son almost the same age as BJ and I can't imagine the grief but the praises are real. We will pray that the work may continue.


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