Friday, April 18, 2008

We are so proud of who they each have become in Christ!

I have to tell you that of the interviews we have done for "I Would Die for You," this one was easily my favorite. I do not know a great deal about Janet Parshall. I know she is an award winning radio personality and that I have seen her name linked to national debates with very liberal names. She is a mother and an author. Janet was a joy to speak to and blessed us that her own understanding of who we are in Christ came through so vividly as she formed each question. If you have opportunity, I encourage you to visit the site listed in the blog below this one, and have a listen.

I find it very interesting in our lives, how we so often strive to be known. We want people to know us, and we want their approval. I think of the myriad tv and movie stars, professional athletes and more, that have risen to high levels of recognition. Many of these find it to be such a difficult place to live.

We want what we can't seem to have, but if we get it, we stop wanting it...the cost is too high. I think of how a portion of media make it their pursuit in life to have the latest photos or dirt on any particular high profile personality.

How many famous people do you know who remain humble amid the storm of notoriety?

Jesus is one among few.

Because of his ability to do miracles, and His employment of those at key moments, His own notoriety grew like a wildfire. There were no gossip columns or entertainment tv shows whose sole purpose was to air the details of famous peoples lives. There was word of mouth.

Yet, His fame was enormous. People knew who He was. Most everyone had heard of Him. Rulers and common people alike hoped for an opportunity to have an encounter with Him.

However, most hoped for interaction for the purposes of seeing the supernatural. Some were drawn into His presence because of their need for healing. How many of those were faithful to Him afterwards? For how long?

How many of us would get caught up in our own acclaim if we had been healed of a disease? Or had been lame and could suddenly walk?

We have a unique ability to turn that which is about Jesus into something that is about long as it sheds a more positive light on who we are.

What happens to our claim to fame, when public opinion turns against the one we have connected ourselves to?

Jesus stood before angry mobs. Many of them had seen Him perform many miracles. Even His own disciples could not support Him at key moments. Public opinion is huge in our lives.

We don't mind speaking out against it from the safety of our own armchair. Put in the spotlight, who do we glorify? Self? Christ? We cannot be lukewarm. We must be all in, or not at all.

To call ourselves Christians when it is convenient for us and then to not back it up when He really needs us to step up, reveals much about our depth of relationship with Him. Who are we really serving?

Jesus stood silent in the presence of accusation and royalty! He did not play political games. He did not try to win public opinion when His own life was on the line. He sought to bring glory to the Father. Though He stood innocent, He was beaten for our sin, our iniquity, our pride. He uttered not a word.

How often do we stand in the wrong moments?

In the presence of our enemies, we must be willing to stand for Him who stood for us!

Opportunities will come for us to be found faithful. Will we point others to Jesus or further our own agenda?

When being found faithful is not congruent with public opinion, we cannot stand down.

Some of us have been seated for far too long. We are proficient quarterbacks in our own domain where the cost is low, but cannot put one foot in front of the other for a cause that requires our energy, our putting action behind words spoken in private.

Our words are empty and meaningless if not accompanied by surrender and action that would slay dragons.

Valor is not found behind closed doors. It is found in emptied homes whose hearts have risen up and whose energy has been poured out for the One who spilled His blood for us and who will one day be anything but silent when we stand before the Father.



At 2:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard part of this interview which led me to this web site. My 15 year old nephew, Ryan, also suffered a mysterious illness that destroyed his lungs, and went to be with Jesus, on June 20, 2006. His hospital stay was very similar to BJ's. As I read the archived posts, I found myself weeping uncontrollably. My brother's faith (Ryan's dad) has encouraged us all throughout this entire ordeal. He chose praise songs for Ryan's celebration service, and has made it know that he will continue to trust and praise God even though he doesn't understand the reason this happened. I have always been thankful that Jesus made a way for us to go to Heaven, but I'm overjoyed about it now, knowing it's not the end for Ryan! I'm so glad Ryan's parents introduced him to Jesus, and Ryan decided to follow Him at the age of 9. Ryan's favorite scripture is Romans 12:2. I will pray for your family! It's so encouraging to see your faith shine through!

At 11:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That picture is so cute!

At 1:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thankyou for sharing BJ's christlike witness with us through yours & his words in the powerful & captivating story of BJ's life and love of God. I am in Australia and have just read the book in two sittings. Now my mind is racing about all the people, young and old, I know (and don't know I guess!) who need to read it and hear about BJ's life & witness! The book & his life does nothing but point directly to Christ and inspire a life immersed in Gods word. BJ lay down so that Christ may rise up and has shown just how to die for Christ daily!! Thankyou for continuing to give God the glory for BJ's life and continuing in everything to point to our Lord and Saviour.


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