Thursday, May 15, 2008

We love them so much!

I want to begin today with a quote I know I may have used before, but it is worth another look. I believe BJ has nailed something that is a common issue in our world today. As I look at my own life, and as I have opportunity to counsel with others, I believe most of us are mired in this place.

"My attitude toward sin is far too passive and too soft. The Word says that those who fear God hate sin, for God hates sin. In being somewhat indifferent to sin, I am not only more prone to fall to it, but I am not having the right attitude towards God." (BJ Higgins)

Exactly, BJ!

We have discovered 'justification' to be a primary tool in our arsenal. If what we are routinely involved in is viewed as sinful in the Word, but the world is accepting of it, then we figure out ways to justify our position. We ignore scripture, cite other believers who are doing what we are doing, imply that this part of Scripture does not apply to today, or use some reasoning to explain away the negative aspects, and try to portray our acts as virtuous.

The truth is, we have no foundation to stand on. Sin is sin. If our attitudes towards it are passive, then we are embracing the world. In essence, we are trying to save our lives through justification. We are trying to make that which is not okay, okay.

Luke 9 says that those who try to save their lives will lose them, but those who are willing to lay their lives down, will save them. When we don't view sin properly, we are trying to save our own, save our own places of comfort.

We all learn to reside in certain places. Places that seem okay as long as they don't come under too close a scrutiny. Unfortunately, when the light comes onto these areas, they are revealed as sin.

When our attitudes towards sin are "passive and soft"... maybe not all sin, just the sin we are involved in... then what we are revealing to the world is that what we believe is flexible depending on circumstances.

This westernization of Christianity does not support the weight of human lives, and still contain Salvation.

Salvation comes through Christ alone. "There is no other name under heaven, given to men by which we must be saved." Acts 4:12

Justification is in Christ, not our circumstances.

It is far easier to live a comfortable life that is justified by self than to live a life according to the precepts of Scripture and take a stand against worldly truths.

Passivity towards sin, is a significant deterent to living for Christ. If we remain passive, then we will eventually engage, without much thought or allowance of conviction. When we squelch conviction as a routine, we lose morality based on Scripture and begin to practice the "if it feels good, do it," philosophy.

There really isn't a middle ground on this.

As believers, we must become assertive in rejecting sin... not sinners, but sin. When we live our lives according to Scripture, the world takes note. They make fun, point fingers and laugh, but they take note.

We can realize our full potential in Christ only through His justification, and allowing His Spirit to manifest His presence in our lives in an ongoing fashion. We must remain supple to His touch. When He points out things in our lives that need to be vacated, we move. It is not even a knee-jerk reaction, it becomes a fluid response to his promptings.

The sacrifice has already been made. There is no reason to get backed up with guilt. He has already forgiven us, and if we have given our lives to Him then we are justified. Don't lose time. Reject sin. Walk with purpose. His purpose.



At 6:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for that Brent. God Bless.

At 6:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is always a blessing to read your posts. I came here as a prayer warrior (friend of some long time friends of yours) during BJ's illness and have kept your blog among my start tabs. God is glorified through your writing! Keep walking the walk, dear brother in Christ!

At 1:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We like so much to think of God as our loving Heavenly Father (and of course He is) that we often forget He is also our Judge. We humans and, yes, even Christians, have become desensitized to sin, but, God has not.

Lisa Potter

At 7:13 PM, Blogger tristen said...

i just read the book i would die for you and i wanted to say it was the best book i have ever read. the part where he said he was ready to go home to be with God moved me to tears. i wish every teenager would be able to say that(speking as a teenager) the book brought me comfort in knowning how many lives your son touched. he touched mine forever and i never even met him. one day i will though in heaven.


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