Thursday, June 05, 2008

Deanna's friends and fellow teachers from Zionsville, Indiana, Cathy and Stacy. Behind them are my cousin Paula and Brad.

Deanna and I returned to Highland Lakes on our trip through the midwest. We got to see many old friends and it was wonderful. I really miss that place.

When we drove in, my hopes were elevated when twice I saw the trucks of friends I did not expect to be there, and did think I would see. The feelings that rushed through me were exhilarating! I could not wait to see them.

When we entered, I learned that in both cases, the pick-ups had been donated to the camp. Neither man was really present. I was disappointed not to be able to see them.

Being at the camp brought with it many wonderful memories. I have never left a job behind that I found myself missing. This place is different. A very important part of me resides there...whether physically or only in the echo of my thoughts. Being there gave me many memories that were warm and some that were difficult. The foundation of significant growth happened there, and it means a great deal to me.

Consistently, He has told me my time there was to be a time of rest.

I have heard from many people recently, who have had dreams and were trying to interpret them. I know the Lord still speaks to us through dreams. He has done so in my own life.

What I see people doing is trying to make literal interpretations from the physical memories of what occurred in them. I am no Daniel. I have no significant dream interpreting skills. So why the Lord keeps bringing these people to me I do not completely understand. I just know that when it comes to understanding them, we need to be careful.

Dreams are often signposts in our lives that help mark out a way. Sometimes they provide direction, sometimes affirmation, and yes, sometimes warning. They are not all from the Lord. We must be discerning.

It is important not to expect what we see happen in dreams to come to pass in a literal sense. My dreams have often been designed to help point me in a direction, not to be realities that played out verbatim.

I realize that when we think of dreams or even discuss them, it is a gray area for most of us. It is not my intent to be weird or dealing with psychic kinds of issues. Clearly, God spoke through dreams in His word. He still does so today. It is just important for us to realize that because something happened in a dream doesn't make it true.

I remember weird dreams that I have had that never ended up having any bearing on anything. I believe when we have dreams the Lord is trying to use in our lives, He also sends His Holy Spirit to help affirm to us that He is at work and we need to realize it. At least this has been true in my own life. When He is not present in or through them, they are of little consequence.

Seldom are they literal. Usually, they have been guideposts designed to gain my attention, and to keep me moving in a specific direction.

Again, that is only true for the ones that I know He has been at work in. It is important to realize the difference.

I have seen the Lord use dreams in the last two or three months in the lives of people more than any other collective time. Perhaps that is only because I am more aware of it now, or maybe I am specifically being surrounded for His purposes that are yet to be revealed. What I do know is that I see people drawing literal conclusions to dreams that seem more likely to be guidance oriented.

This concerns me as I know most of us are inexperienced with dreams and their interpretations.

Dreams do not always mean what we think they mean. Just like signs can be misinterpreted, so can dreams. Seeing the trucks of my friends led me to believe they were present. They were not.

I drew natural conclusions from the sign of their trucks being present. They both proved false. Both men loved the camp, but loved the Lord more. He moved in both of their hearts to donate their vehicles to a place that really needed them. The blessing of their obedience, continues to help the camp function.

We need to be careful in this area. Not necessarily should we discount dreams, we just need to be cautious and wise in discerning their meanings.

His eye is on the sparrow, and His eye is on you and me. He has provided for each, and for Highland Lakes. He continues to make available to every one of us, that which we need to continue on.

If we keep Him on the throne and He is more important in our lives than dreams or other peripheral markers, He will show us the way.

His Word is full of unexplored trails!



At 4:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thank you for your thoughts today. As someone that has been given some dreams and "visions" (more like pictures) from God I appreciated your words all the more. It is difficult sometimes to understand exactly what God is trying to tell you. I liked what you said about dreams being given more often than not for guidance rather than something that should be interpreted literally. At least that seems to be true in my own personal experience. I will say it is often frustrating to NOT KNOW what a dream or vision means. I think sometimes a person does not know for sure what a particular dream may mean till an event happens that you can attach it to. But, the scary thing for me is to wonder if you are placing significance on one that may seem as though it is from God, but, is not. I worry a lot about that. The Devil will try and snag us anyway he can and I think he likes to use any means he can to move us away from God's will. Only with a deep relationship with our Lord can we truly keep perspective.

Thanks again, Brent.

Lisa Potter
Santa Cruz, CA


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