Friday, June 20, 2008

I arrived home a couple of days ago to find a phone message from a fellow supporter of a man who had run for president several years ago. The message indicated that he was going to run again and gave some resources to check on his support, endorsements and other information. It was even a real voice, not a recording! I wanted to be excited but the reality that his presence is (I'm sure) to be a part of the national debate, not to win, quelched any excitement on my part. Of course, intelligent, rational discourse on the values and foundations of our country are welcome, but their bearers these days seem to be written off as intolerant kooks, or worse.

I must admit that I have been the closest thing my family has to a "political junkie"
though my enthusiasm has waned considerably over the last 10 or 15 years. The current state of our political process, which really hasn't changed that much (as born out by a recent reading about the 1968 Presidential campaign), has become discouraging and tiresome. Our current presidential race with all of its historic significance has failed to spark any real hope in my heart as I see a once Christian nation slide further into darkness. It isn't that our candidates overtly desire that, it just seems to me that the bleeding has reached a near-terminal flow and the core beliefs of so many have been significantly humanized - losing their eternal focus.

Recently in my small group from church one of our members raised the idea that it could be that we are entering a point in our history where the Lord will turn us over to our (collective) base instincts and give us the leaders that we have asked for - those who won't make us feel guilty about our un-Biblical ethics and values, one who will look first and foremost to humankind for the answers. Think of the many kings of Israel who turned their back on our God who made them, freed them and gave them many miraculous signs! I wonder if he is right on this.

Of course, what I (we) can't lose sight of is that even after all of those lukewarm-to-evil kings, God our Father still loved (loves) his people, still holds a promise for them, for us. It is more evident now that HE is our hope and inspiration and it is only through seeking and serving Him that we find true meaning in our lives and hope for the future. The more the ungodly suppress our freedoms and values, the more real our Faith in Jesus Christ will become. The darker the world, the brighter the Light shines!

So if you, like me, are worn out and discouraged by the political season and seemingly never-ending campaigning, don't let it turn your focus to the discouragement you feel or the weariness that wants to overtake us. Be a part of the debate and let it make real to you the needs of those around you; let it give us greater purpose and motivate us to reach out to them and share with them the Light that can never be extinguished!

Make a difference for Him today,


P.S. Debbie, know that we are praying for your Dad and your family as he fights the medical issues that are overwhelming his body.


At 9:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The political rhetoric is numbing, redundant and leaves little hope for the American public . . . I am thankful that I can hold on to the Truth and know that whether "he" wins or "he" wins, HE always wins. Keep your lights shining for His glory and watch the revolution rise --- His revolution that goes beyond any borders! Continue to pray for our military that allow us to freely worship the Lord and pray for peace ----

At 9:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Brent!!!!! I am pryaing for your mission trip as well.



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