Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Huamachuco view. So many would come to Him here.

Lauren spent last evening in our home preparing a message for tonight. She is speaking at a local church on "Revolution." She will share what that word means to her and what it meant to her brother.

There can be no doubt that her topic will be shaped by the events of this past week. You cannot serve in leadership with a brother, fight against the enemies schemes side by side, and not be inspired by his service and death.

I talked about Justin Magers on Monday. He is expected to be returned to his family today or tomorrow.

He like my son, was a young man who thirsted for the things of God. They both shared a desire, too often found uncommon in our country. They sought out those who knew more about Scripture than they, and would dissect that information, process it, take it to heart, and then share it with others.

Both of these young men understood that time is short. Both poured themselves out for others. Both were concerned with the salvation of those around them, wherever they happened to be. They were not controlled by borders in terms of when they shared. Many will share Christ for a season and then let down.

These young men shared at every opportunity and due to their obedience, were significant influencers for the kingdom of God. That they were called home before their time is difficult for those of us left behind, but not for them.

They lived their lives for Christ, and helped shape a culture. A culture we must embrace and carry on. These young men were vessels of change who cared more about others than themselves. They were both kind and gentle in how they treated those they encountered. They were Christ-like.

Neither were perfect, but both had insatiable appetites for their Savior. Both stood for Him when others fell. Both sought out opportunities to impact more lost people. Justin, who was a founding member of the "Brothers Under Christ" fraternity on the Oklahoma State campus, moved into the Beta house his senior year. Why?

He told me that he knew the Lord wanted him there so he could impact that environment for the Father. I have no doubt that he did.

That the enemy owns college campuses is no surprise to any of us. That one such young man who loved Jesus with all of his heart, with all of his soul, with all of his mind and with all of his strength would head into a fraternity where sin reigns, to try and impact that place for the King, says a great deal about his character.

Lesser men (like me, especially at his age) could not do this.

To camp out at the gates of hell to impact those who milled about at it's entrance, is no small calling.

I had the privilege of visiting with his family this week. They are hurting immensely. Justin's mother said to me through many tears, "I think BJ met him at the gates, don't you?"

Both young men marched to the gates of the enemy, the most dangerous place known, out of obedience to their Lord, and were found faithful. Both laid down their lives serving their Savior! Both were escorted to the gates of Heaven for an eternity of worship before the Lamb.

While they were here, their hearts were there. They tarried until they were called home and went willingly.

The ripple effect of their changed lives will continue to move generations and inspire obedience in a Christian subculture that is basking in apathy.

That is Revolution!

I want to be a part of that movement!

Well done, men of God, well done. Take on your new roles of worship in full view of His amazing Grace.



At 10:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How inspiring, yet difficult this time must be for your family and his.

May our mighty, soviern God CONTINUE to rise a REVOLUTION. May He, through His believers that are obedient to His calling, continue to lay down their lives. It is for His glory. It is to save the lost. It is an example of Christian living. As followers of Jesus Christ, may we love unconditionally, live purposefully and be obedient to His calling!!

At 1:16 PM, Blogger Hopeful Pediatric Oncology Nurse said...

May God Bless your day, your lives, and what you do today.
Love, Leslie

At 6:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brent, thank you for sharing the beauty in the battle as I know this is hitting way too close to home and making the challenges of dealing with all of the emotions involved in losing BJ very fresh again, compounded with the love of Christ and the potential that were unbounded in another young warrior.

How fortunate are these young men to be at the feet of Christ. How difficult it is for their families to deal with the seperation, even though temporary.



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