Tuesday, September 02, 2008

My Peru team in Yungar...at the beauty of His feet

It's September again, and I can hardly believe it.

Yesterday morning, Lauren gave a mini-concert outside at our church. She was asked to do so during the festivities of a 5K Run. This was accompanied by a pancake breakfast, all sorts of activities for children (young and not so young) and much interaction by the people of our community.

She did an amazing job. The Lord has gifted her significantly. Among the songs she chose to share, only one was original. She had written it after losing BJ, almost three years ago now.

I have many favorites when she sings, but this one is very special to me. It speaks of the her reliance on Christ to deliver her through such tragedy.

I must say, He has done so. She is such a strong and beautiful woman. She is seeking after Him and desiring more of Him in all she does. It is evident to those around her.

After she sang, she was approached by a man who wanted to see the words. I don't know the whole story, but I did see him approach her, and tell her of his own loss, and that the song had touched him.

Through significant struggle comes such godly power and strength. It is available to each of us if we are seeking Him with our whole heart. I am often amazed at how tragedy can result in such beauty.

The depths of ministry are often born here. Real people who experience suffering while walking in obedience, become the extended hands of the Father.

Lauren did that beautifully, yesterday.

She clearly touched the heart of one man. Without doubt, God moved in the hearts of many more.

I am grateful to her for using her giftedness for ministry.

I pray we each will allow the Lord to use our sufferings to draw us into His presence with more focus and desire. What He does with our obedience brings glory to Himself, and blesses the broken.



At 11:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

we dont know each other and i honestly have no idea how i came across your blog. im not familiar with these things but for some reason i started reading and my heart absolutely came alive. your son has inspired me and because i cant thank him, i want to thank you instead for because you have written about him i feel so encouraged about living wholeheartedly for our Lord. do you have an email address that i could write to you?

At 11:58 AM, Blogger Pray for BJ said...

Sure, you can email me at brent.higgins@awestar.org. My family appreciates your words of encouragement.


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