Friday, September 19, 2008

where BJ's ashes rest, high above Africa

It bears repeating that when we were in Africa, we left him on this mountain as a symbol of hope for Christ to come into the hearts of this people. Three years after our work there, the national we worked with (who was not a believer at the time) has not only given his heart to the Lord, but now pastors three house churches in the base city, where no believers were previously present. God is at work in Africa!

I also want to share, once again, a conversation that many of you are already familiar with. This took place after Beej returned from Peru the second time, but before his hospitalization. He had already told a few friends that God had called him to lay down his life, and that while he did not know the timing, he was ready.

BJ's moniker on instant messenger was Passion 8431. The friend he was talking with was Jack, one of his best friends. They had not connected since BJ's return home. They were often sarcastic with each other, which you will pick up on.

I am amazed once again, as I read this and see the clues that were present, whether he was aware of them or not. One day, I hope to ask about such conversations. That will be an eternal, deep day.

Passion8431 (10:36:34 PM): JERK!
Jacktopher Meils (10:36:48 PM): sup bro???
Passion8431 (10:37:27 PM): not too much man, how have you been? its been forever long since I've seen you!
Passion8431 (10:38:42 PM): ....?

Jacktopher Meils (10:39:35 PM): i've been great!!! how was ur peru trip???
Passion8431 (10:41:59 PM): It was awesome! We saw a ton of ppl come to Christ, and I got to share with all kinds of ppl who were SO sincerely seeking God---from gang members to policemen to the headmaster of a Catholic school. Tambien, God really challenged our team to truly live the LIFE of a missionary, since as Christians, we are ALL called to be missionaries, not just on mission trips, but EVERYday of our lives.
Passion8431 (10:42:41 PM): how was ur Pittsburg trip

Jacktopher Meils (10:44:34 PM): thats awesome dude
Jacktopher Meils (10:44:40 PM): pittsburg was amazing
Jacktopher Meils (10:46:56 PM): why didnt you call while you were here yesterday?

Passion8431 (10:48:44 PM): Well, i was kinda preoccupied... Heather, a friend of mine from my Peru team was with me and after we left the Hilfikers we were going to visit our friends work up in castleton... I thought about calling u, but i guess i decided i'd come up later when Heather wasn't w/ me... or.... something....
Passion8431 (10:48:47 PM): sorry dude

Jacktopher Meils (10:49:24 PM): haha i wouldnt care if your friend(s) were around..we havent hung out like since the beginning of the summer
Passion8431 (10:55:33 PM): yeah, well, I'll have to hitch a ride down sometime... if i can
Passion8431 (10:55:46 PM): and I may (or may not) see you at jumpstart

Jacktopher Meils (10:59:35 PM): im not going
Jacktopher Meils (10:59:58 PM): my brother gets out of jail the friday jumpstart starts, and honestly that means a lot more to me

Passion8431 (11:01:01 PM): ok
Passion8431 (11:01:12 PM): well i'll see you.... sometime, or else in heaven

Jacktopher Meils (11:03:52 PM): haha
Jacktopher Meils (11:03:54 PM): yeah
Jacktopher Meils (11:05:29 PM): dude come for wednesday
Jacktopher Meils (11:05:41 PM): its unleaveneds last wnt

Passion8431 (11:08:54 PM): i know... but i have work... I'm gonna see if i can get out of it though... i just start this week, and i forgot to ask from weds off, but they're usually really flexible
Jacktopher Meils (11:09:52 PM): where
Passion8431 (11:10:34 PM): Ward's, its a clothing store-levi outlet... anyway, i g2g, i'll ttyl
Jacktopher Meils (11:10:50 PM): ah
Jacktopher Meils (11:10:54 PM): call me sometime tomorrow if you can

Passion8431 (11:11:38 PM): ok, i'll try
Jacktopher Meils (11:11:56 PM): cya

These two had a deep love for each other. That BJ would say something like this, and that it would be their last or one of their last interactions is no small thing. I know it was very meaningful to Jack. It certainly speaks to who BJ was and how he thought.

We also, must live intentionally in our conversations and interactions with those He has entrusted to us.




At 9:41 AM, Blogger Hopeful Pediatric Oncology Nurse said...

Oh my goodness. You could SEE the signs... that's just... wow. Amazing, and scary~
Thank you for another good message today, Brent. I feel awed and humbled before God that he even created any of us, and uses our lives for so much more than we could ever master without him. I thank God for everyone I know, and even those who have passed. You and your family are still in my prayers, but I know God is still taking care of you all.
I hope Whitney is doing okay... I've not been following any of the news, so I have no idea what's going on with the hurricane (Wasn't it called Ike?). Texas...
Thank you again.
Amor, Leslie

At 1:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

God Bless from
Greenfield, Indiana

At 6:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

BJ lives in our hearts. Your memories, which you have been kind enough to share, has given us the opportunity to know this amazing young man. We will never ever forget who BJ was and what he stood for. His voice still speaks.

Pat Davila

At 10:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

something BJ always had an amazing gift for: no matter when or what the situtation, he made time for you and let you know how important you were to him, how much he loved you. Forever in my heart!

At 12:59 AM, Blogger llama man said...

i just finished the book you wrote . i am amzed with the love bj and ur family had to god.

From Hayden
New Zealand


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