Friday, October 10, 2008

BJ and me backpacking at Red River Gorge

We will be in Denton, Texas this weekend to speak at Gracepointe Church. This is Whitney and Jared's church, and Sunday afternoon the church is putting on a wedding shower for them. We look forward to being with them.

I am most thankful for the memories I have of backpacking, camping, and hanging out by a fire with BJ. We derived a great deal of pleasure in doing these things together.

I know I have written before of his creativity in coming up with games to occupy his time, in the woods. From 'tree sliding' to running down steep banks at top speed just to see if he could make it from top to bottom without falling, were among his ideas. (The trip pictured above is the place he invented 'tree sliding.')

My own passion for the outdoors is ever present. I confess I have not been very proactive in pursuing it while living in Tulsa, but my thoughts often involve being back in God's Creation.

My pulse races at the sound of movement of unseen wildlife behind brush lined embankments. I love finding tracks on the forest floor and trying identify then follow them.

The autumn is most beautiful with its awesome display of color, deep reds, bright yellows and vibrant oranges. The palette covers the canopy above the footbed below as many leaves bail out early at the seasons change.

There is such wonder in what our Father in Heaven has created. For me, I will always feel closer to Him when out among His handy work. Seeing His brooks carving and winding their way through the wilderness, and watching His creatures frolic near the shores, stirs something within me.

Being in Love with Jesus, is being in love with His Creation...all of it. It is a fantastic reminder of His majesty if we can get out and mingle with the beauty all around us.

Sometimes we need to be reminded of all He has done. It is quite a gentle blessing to walk in the coolness of change, and forget about the rush of life for awhile. His beauty certainly does this for me. I trust He will remind you of those things He has done that bring you joy as well.



At 11:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

God bless you all as you share and fellowship this weekend, Brent.

At 7:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Living out in California by the coast has some advantages, like being able to go off and watch a spectacular sunset at the beach, which my family and I did yesterday. I, also, feel closer to God when I am out in nature, and watching the waves and the beauty surrounding me was amazing!
It seemed to me so moving that we had a family worship there, letting our hearts be drawn to the One that made it all!

Lisa Potter
Santa Cruz, CA

At 11:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing BJ's story with us today. We were truly blessed to hear how the Lord can use all of us in amazing ways and how so on FIRE BJ was for his Lord and Savior.
We are blessed to have Whitney and Jared with us every weekend and you this weekend. Thank you

At 8:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How much I related to everything you said in this post. I love fall, it is my favorite and the most beautiful. The picture of you and BJ at the Gorge is great, I love that area. We go to Natural Bridge almost every year to hike and take pictures. And you sure can't beat campfires!!!! But mostly, what moved me is the fact of how close I feel to God when I am out in his world. The ocean, the mountains, sunsets, sunrise, the natural beauty in this world that was created by HIM...i can't get enough at times. prayers still being sent up above for you and your family!

Florence, KY


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