Thursday, October 16, 2008

BJ with my friend and his youth minister, Rusty

Deanna and I spent last evening with a group of students in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. We had an incredible time with them. I taught on having "Compassion for the Lost." This is their fall break, and today they are heading out into their community to serve. They will mow yards, interact with the children of a trailer park, seek to embrace those who do not know Him, and encourage those who do.

Being with these students last night was an encouragement to me! I get to share with them again, tomorrow night.

Recently, through this blog, I had the privilege of meeting (on-line) a new friend. She is a senior at Oklahoma State University. She came to Justin Magers funeral, and was doing a web search on him, just after I had written about his life. As a result, she contacted me.

Since that time, she has met with one of the young ladies from our office, we have spoken on the phone, and she has started a blog of her own! She writes the blog with a friend of hers from school. Their blog is They are doing a good job of sharing their hearts.

I am always amazed at how the Lord uses whatever tools He crafts and puts in our hands to reach into the lives of others.

Justin, who was a young man who lived his life for Christ, died serving Him, and stirred the heart of a young lady who felt she had lived a fairly nominal Christian existence up to that point, and motivated her to serve.

Now, she is seeking His counsel on serving overseas, writing a blog, involved in a new Bible study and really trying to reach into the lives of the many around her who don't know Him. This is how the ripple affect works.

With a heart already stirred up, she purchased and read "I Would Die for You." After finishing it, she just couldn't keep still, or settle down. She knew she had to do more, she had to somehow engage and begin to make a difference.

Simultaneously, her life is a mercy, a blessing in our life. When we see God move in the hearts of others, and produce action, it somehow ministers healing to our own lives. We are very thankful for this.

To be honest, we have heard from many, nationwide, and overseas with similar stories of how God has changed or motivated them, through BJ's testimony.

Of course, it is seldom through one testimony alone. However, this often becomes the catalyst for change.

Change is not easy. We usually resist it. We like being comfortable and to know what is going to happen next. When true change comes, it brings about change in others lives as well.

While we should never spend our time measuring the positive impact we are having on others around us, it does not take but a cursory glance to know whether or not change in our own lives needs to happen. Without it, we are doing little to impact the Kingdom. We are doing little to serve.

We each need to serve with a glad heart. Not one that is glad in front of people and turns bitter and a bit nasty the moment we perceive we are offstage. I have struggled here from time to time, and have certainly seen it in the lives of others.

Surrender. Constant surrender is what we seek. He will make the differences that we cannot. But, we have to let go and do it His way. Our way produces pride and frustration. His way saves lives.



At 10:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen, Brent! Your posts inspire me to seek Him deeper and acknowledge His will in my life. He allows the ripples to become sunami's to the hearts and lives of those who are in need of Him!


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