Monday, October 27, 2008

Wedding Day!!!

The last few days have been amazing! The bachelor and bachelorette gatherings, the costume (for the season) dress rehearsal and dinner, and the wedding were just fantastic! We had such fun, joy, laughter and even a few tears.

Every wedding is unique, regardless of how similar they are. This one was Whit's and it was such an enjoyable occasion. She was absolutely gorgeous, as were Deanna and Lauren. Someone sent me an email telling me how blessed I am to have such beautiful women in my life. I agree!!!

All the preparations had culminated in the gathering assembly of family and friends. The music began with a line out the door to sign the guest book.

The grandmothers were seated, and still the line seemed to grow.

I had a view down the hall to the entry of the sanctuary where I stood guard, perhaps for the last time, of my Whitney Lou. Inside the room she was being assisted by her mother, sister and three bridesmaids.

The signal came and I sent Deanna down. After Deanna, walked our two flower girls and the sword bearer (Joshua carrying BJ's sword and his two sisters, Emily and Ari)Then it was time for the bridesmaids and maid of honor (Lauren).

They each went in turn.

Whitney and I were left alone. Just the two of us in the room down the hall from where I would give her away. How do you turn loose of something so precious? It does not happen easily. It comes only for me with the peace of Christ at the center of their relationship. They truly love the Savior and each other.

I told Whitney, "I want to pray for you."

She quickly responded, "Daddy, you're gonna make me cry!"

I repeated, "I wanna pray for you."

I began, "Father God, Thank you so much"...words leave me, tears race to the surface and I can't talk...Whitney sniffles..."Amen."

I know the Holy Spirit interceded where words and emotion failed. We both wept as we headed for the sanctuary doors.

The doors open and all eyes are on my little Lou. She pushed a joyful smile through the stream of tears and I did likewise. I stared at her as we walked to the front.

She looked so beautiful, I was in awe.

The tears ceased as I waited to answer the question always asked.

His dad began the ceremony, and ultimately asked, "Who gives this woman?"... I awaited the moment of saying those words I wasn't sure I would ever want to say..."Her mother and I!"

They came much more easily than I anticipated!

It was my turn to pray. I took the mic, turned to the audience and asked, "Would you cry with me?"

The wedding was a joyous time and a time of remembrance! Pictures flashed across the screen of Whitney growing up, usually ensconced by two siblings. One was present, one was remembered. Both are proud of her.

I praise the Lord for such a godly man that would love my Lou. It is not easy to give away that which was never really yours. I am so thankful for the love they share, and the life ahead of them.

What an incredible celebration.

The last time all of these people gathered at this location, it was to say goodbye to a warrior. This time, it was to begin two new lives together.

Praise God for His provision!



At 12:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations & God Bless,
Greenfield, Indiana

At 12:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When you said will you cry with me.... I cried and cried!. It was so beautiful

At 2:11 PM, Blogger Melissa said...

Congratulations to them and God bless them in their new life ahead!

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