Thursday, November 27, 2008

From all of our family to all of you, have a CHRIST CENTERED, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!


At 5:09 PM, Blogger CHRISTLIKE said...

The Christ-Like Youth Ministry has been greatly affected by the life of your son, B.J Higgins Jr. We started a youth ministry and we decided to read I Would Die For You, it truly inspired us to change how viewed our christian walk. B.J showed us through his love for Christ, that we don't have to compromise our walk with Christ for anyone or anything. In completing the book we decided to have a luncheon based on the life of a true soldier, B.J Higgins Jr. The luncheon will be held at 12:30pm at Abundant Grace Church located at 6712 South Figueroa Los Angeles, CA. 90003. The president of Christ Like Jonathon Polk Jr. can be contacted by telephone@3107380228 or by email at, Whosoever will, can come.


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