Tuesday, January 20, 2009

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Who are your heroes? How would you respond if you were suddenly in their presence, with no forewarning?

Would words flood to the surface, revealing a wise disposition? Would you gush over their past accomplishments and future opportunities, sounding like a stalker? Would you ask questions or provide answers that revealed your own true heart for the Savior?

Years ago, I was volunteering at a national cycling event at the velodrome in Indianapolis. It came about during the time when I rode my bike thousands of miles per year. I was an avid fan.

Lance Armstrong was an up and coming rookie. Greg LeMonde was the American cycling hero of the day. He had won three Tours (Tour de France). His career in road racing was over, but his accomplishments were legend for that time.

One of my cycling buddies and I were filling our various duties this particular evening, when Greg showed up, via a hidden entrance! No one knew he was going to be present. All of a sudden he was just there!

Prior to his arrival, I had spoken with other greats of the time including some media types that are well known in the sports world. When my opportunity suddenly came, I was in disbelief.

My friend and I stood with him, asking questions and hearing first hand accounts of some of his wins. He even showed me scars and told the related stories (probably a guy thing).

When I went home that evening, I literally felt as if I had been in the presence of greatness. I thought my life was complete...I had met my idol, I had spoken intelligently with him, and we shared as if we had been friends for a lifetime.

It took me days to come down!

This past weekend, a good friend of mine had the opportunity of her life. Her story is more spiritual than mine. But then, she is more godly than I was at the same point in my own life.

A friend we have in common, had arranged for this young ladies hero to call her, personally.

Imagine, being at lunch on Sunday afternoon with your friends, having your phone ring, and the voice on the other end verifying who you are, and then tells you she is Beth Moore.

If Beth Moore is your hero, what is the likelihood that you will believe it?

Most would accuse the voice of being an impostor, and press for who put her up to the gag.

In this case, because of her respect for Beth, and her knowledge of many things about her, she recognized Beth's voice on the phone!

I was not present when this event happened, but I knew it was in the works. The question was, would Beth go along? She did!

My friend has not come down yet. It's Tuesday, this happened Sunday, and her renown is growing as others learn that she and Beth spoke for over half an hour, Sunday afternoon! She was tremendously blessed by the encounter.

They shared together for what seemed like forever for the rest of her lunch party. I began receiving text messages from those with her, who were trying to figure out why such a thing would occur.

At the end of their call, Beth prayed over her, prayer of affirmation and direction.

This encounter will no doubt be a benchmark in my young friends life.

I often wonder, if I suddenly had a person to physical person opportunity with Christ, how I might respond. Would I be filled with remorse for the thoughts or actions of previous moments? Would I throw my arms around Him in instant recognition? Would I fall on my face to honor to Him?

I believe the reality of the answer says a great deal about who I am and where I am in my walk with Him. I cannot honestly say that I don't know what I would do. I can say, that my reaction would likely be different than how I approach Him on a daily basis. This should not be, but I fear it is true.

Have I become so comfortable with the King of Kings that I do not revere Him as I should? Am I more moved by a guy who rides a bike good, than I am the one who bled and died for me?

What are my priorities? What is important in my life?

I need to seek to honor Him with how I live my life every day, not just when He might unexpectedly show up.

We have all heard it said that 'who we are when no one is looking reveals much about our integrity.'

I submit that how I respond in unexpected moments of intimacy with Him, says a great deal about what I truly believe.

Am I playing games, or does my life truly reflect His?

I want to be more like Jesus.



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