Friday, March 06, 2009

another photo from Kakuma, Kenya

I am at a missions conference. It began yesterday and runs through Sunday evening. I would ask you to pray for this event. I speak tonight and Sunday morning. Tonight I am with the combined junior and senior high. Sunday morning, I am with the junior high. I am very excited to have these opportunities.

This is a church that has a thriving missions program, with a youth ministry staff that are thrilled to have us recruit their students (even though they take their own overseas trips). I want the Lord to do that, to be honest. I just want to connect them if they are supposed to go with us.

Anyway, it has been great to connect with brothers and sisters from around the world. Last night I spoke with a woman from Vietnam who has a ministry to orphans with her husband in Cambodia! That is a move of God! What a precious woman. As she shared her testimony, she wept openly for these orphans and their significant needs.

Cambodia is another country God has called me to that I don't understand the calling just now. That doesn't matter. I will go if He wants me there and see what He may have for us to do. My calling there is a more recent one. He brought that within the last 6 months or so.

My Awe Star booth is right next to theirs. That should absolutely not surprise me. I love God's heart and how He reveals Himself over and over.

Anyway, please be in prayer for the hearts of these young men and women that the Lord may want to send to serve Him this summer.

I am sharing the platform tonight with Dave Riner from StuMo (Student Mobilization). He is in charge of the mission program that my friend Justin went to serve with. Justin, you may remember, gave his life while serving the Lord in India, several months ago.

Sunday night, his father Mark, will give testimony of their journey, in the closing service! I cannot wait to hear him.

Mark and I are traveling to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico together over spring break to serve the Lord with 25 students!

God is sooo good!



At 1:29 PM, Blogger gilbert said...

Praying for you and the students, and Mark.


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