Thursday, March 05, 2009

Somali Bantu refugees in Kakuma, Kenya

Many use the phrase, 'Where God guides, He provides.'

Recently, while traveling in Mexico, I spent time with my primary contact and others. Her name is Anabel. She is the director of missions for the church we partner with when we travel to Mexico to serve.

She is the most selfless servant I have ever encountered. Her ministry in Nuevo Laredo is vast. She prays for the sick, she ministers to those in need, she sets up details for many groups who travel there to serve. Her hours are long.

She does not get paid to do what she does.

When she gets home late at night, she'll spend several hours sowing to earn a meager living. She also receives blessing from others who the Lord moves to assist her.
Often, when given money, she will use it to buy Bibles to hand out, rather than use it to meet her own needs, which at times are significant.

While we were on this recent trip together, she asked my about my journey to Africa. I told her quite a bit. When I was finished, she asked if we ever went to Somalia.

She had heard me talk about he Somali refugees. Her interest was piqued. She shared that many years ago, she had seen a tv spot that showed a Somali child. The Lord has used that picture to place a calling deep within her heart. She knew she was supposed to minister to the people of Somalia. She asked me to let her know if we took a team there in the future.

I could see how much she wanted to fulfill this desire the Lord had given her. I shared with her that one of the men I traveled with, who had spent 10 years of his life as a missionary in Uganda, now lived in San Antonio, just two hours away from her. Further, he and his wife now worked with Somali Bantu refugees there in San Antonio. I told her that I believed they would welcome her to join them in serving this Muslim people.

She asked me to send her the contact info upon my return to the US. Shortly after I got back, I heard from her. She wanted to know if I had made contact yet. I was thankful that I had, and that Larry and Terry Singletary (the missionary couple we spoke of) were very interested in having her come!

More than that, one of the women who works with them as they serve, is fluent in Spanish, as Anabel speaks only a little English. By the time I sent Anabel pertinent information, this woman had already made contact with her, and they had set this weekend for her to come, meet the people and get to know the Singletary's and others, she would serve beside! She is very excited!

I know when Anabel sensed God's call to this people, she wondered how she could ever get to their continent to serve them. I know when she was at our Missions conference last November, and heard Larry Singletary speak, her heart quickened at the renewal of her calling. I know that when we began to speak on this topic, while in Mexico together, her heart yearned to be with a people she had never met!

I know she will faithfully walk out this calling, and she will impact this people in a way no one else could. I know this, because my God has made a way, where there was no way. I know how He has uniquely equipped Anabel to serve.

He has made a way for a woman who six or seven months ago, could not even leave her country because she did not have the necessary paperwork to do so. Through His provision and what we would call a miraculous series of events, she now can come and go from her country as she pleases, and just in time to serve the very people God broke her heart for!

He is never late. His provision always occurs, just in time.



At 8:54 AM, Blogger KK said...

Amen. It's alway just in time. :)

At 10:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

God Bless,
Greenfield, Indiana


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