Wednesday, April 15, 2009

BJ receiving an award from Rusty at Ultimate Youth Camp...

Yesterday was a day that mere words tend to cheapen.

I had the privilege of meeting with some of the kings of commerce in our office conference room. I really don't even know how to begin to tell this story.

In short, the head of Dream Vision came to Tulsa so we could pray over him. He is an amazing man of God full of passion, and zeal for seeing others come to Christ. He is also running an organization, largely made up of those who were the creative forces behind Disney. They are believers who want to see Christian values in movies, etc.

What they are doing is just incredibly amazing, and will be unveiled in coming weeks and months. They are positioned to finally impact our culture through film at the level of children to adult. No more cheesy, empty productions which cast believers as fools of society (which we often are, but not as we are portrayed in most films).

Perhaps I will go into more detail another day. I am so encouraged by what is happening, and believe you will be too. These are believers the Lord has assembled that are about to enter into this segment of media in ways we have not seen before. It is necessary, and if I may say so, "about time!"

Their first projects are God stories and should have amazing impact on our culture. We need to pray for and Rick Salinskas, Ron Logan and Rick's brother Vince. The list goes on, and their resumes in the film arena are impressive. It would appear, our Lord has assembled the best of the best to begin a work at just the right time!

I want to share a story from yesterday.

Last week, I had the privilege of meeting with two of these men privately. They came to our offices and felt compelled to meet with me.

We sat down for hours and saw the Lord knit our heart together. One of the men I already knew, the other, I was meeting for the first time.

The man I knew has brought many men into my life, that are significant in their fields. They are making a difference in the business arena, for Christ! They are also, all Anakites! Each one of them looks like he just stepped off of the football field. Tall and ripped. I always feel so small.

I shared with the two men, much of what the Lord has done in our lives since the beginning of the year. As I spoke, I became more and more overwhelmed at all God has done. It was such a sweet aroma to share our hearts together.

I shared our video of BJ's life, and spoke of him some. I saw that this new man had a copy of our book. He is a godly man who hears the Lord frequently, and loves Him with all of his heart.

His interest and desire to know what I had to say eclipsed that of most people I meet. I don't know what that even means, except to say that he genuinely wanted to get to know me, and listened to every word I had to share. He had no agenda of his own. I seldom see that.

He was at this day long meeting yesterday. My heart leaped with joy when I saw a long lost friend. He hadn't known if he'd be able to make it. What a privilege to have him here again!

We spoke briefly before the meeting began. His few words would overwhelm and ruin me for the day.

He encouraged us about our book and told me he had read it quickly and was "unable to put it down!" I appreciated his words. I will always appreciate words like that, but hope beyond those moments that God impacts hearts with this story, and that mere lip service is not the totality of response.

Then he went on. In our former meeting, I learned that he is one who hears and listens to the voice of God. God spoke to him while he was reading "I Would Die for You."

He looked deeply into my eyes as he spoke. I felt such an incredible portion of peace come over me. I did not expect the tenderness that flowed from his burly frame.

He said, "God told me that he loved your son so much that He just could not wait another day to bring him home!"

His statement was spoken as our group was entering into prayer. It exploded within me. It was pregnant with significance, and reduced me to uncontrollable tears.

My Lord and my God! I knew of His love and have experienced it in my own life. I have tried to convey it to others. I had never had it conveyed to me in such a way.

I could not stop thinking about it all day.

When I was finally reunited with my bride, I shared it with her as we drove on the highway. Her reaction mirrored my own, and it all began again.

A precious gift was given to us. It moved us on so many levels and is difficult to describe. I praise God for the provision He makes in our lives.

I am thankful for my new friend. I am more thankful for a Mighty God that is interested in my knowing His heart!



At 12:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once again I am brought to tears . . . of joy. May God continue to use you and this ministry in MIGHTY MIGHTY ways. All glory be to God!

At 1:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

God Bless,
Greenfield, IN

At 10:34 PM, Blogger Ichthus said...

I read your book and it made me so sad! Not because BJ died and went to heaven( that part makes me a little jealous), but that I never got the chance to meet him or talk to him. I read his whole blog too. The more I read the more I wish I could have met him. He seems like a wonderful man who changed the life of everyone who met him. I'm the same age he was then, 15, and will be going on a mission trip to Russia this summer. I was very inspired by your sons life. Thank you for writing it down so I could have the chance to read it.
in Christ's love,


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