Wednesday, April 08, 2009

the Karamojong, plus a couple of temporary transplants

For those who may have tried to access the video of BJ set to "I Would Die for You," but consistently received a message stating that the video was 'no longer available,' please know that it is there. Try going to and typing in 'I Would Die for you BJ Higgins,' and it will pull up. To those who have accessed it, thank you for taking the time.

God is still using the dvd, the song and the book to stir the hearts of others. We are most thankful for this.

We live in a country where the average person makes around a hundred times more than the average person in other parts of the world. We are blessed with significant wealth. With this wealth, comes responsibility and a significant undertow.

As believers, the responsibility we have is to get the Gospel message to those who have not heard it. Some will do this by going. Some will do it by sending. Some will be active in their own communities until such time that they can go.

Many who send, do so, because they themselves cannot go, for a host of reasons. They still want to be a part of how God reaches these other ethnic groups, and so they give. Those who go, could not do so apart from those who send.

Currently, one of the problems we are facing is that those who give, are giving less. The need for those who can go to be able to do so, is still huge. Those who can give have less to give in some cases, due to the economy.

There are however, a large number of believers who are not involved on either side of this equation. They are not going and they are not sending. This does not mean they are heartless. In many cases, they have not been 'awakened' to the need.

The overarching concern I bring today, is becoming more and more pervasive in our country. It is not new, but many are gripped in it's undertow, and aren't even aware.

It surprises no one that the people of our country are consumed with having more.

The reality is that this is also true in churches across our land. Long, have we tried to "keep up with the Joneses."

That proverbial family seems to have more and more. We often allow ourselves to be drug along in their wake, trying to accomplish a similar, relative amount of excess. We generally fail to recognize that it is excess.

Often times, it requires having Scripture opened to us for us to "get" this.

In Matthew, Christ tells us not to store up for ourselves treasures on earth, but to store treasures in heaven. If we understood this and lived according to it, far more of us would have far less, and be giving far more to the prevalent needs in our communities, and elsewhere.

Some of us do so on a small scale. Few of us take from our excess and truly use it to further the Gospel.

In our culture, we see our needs as being relative to what the Joneses have. When they have more, suddenly our 'wants' are transformed into 'needs.' These things eat at us. We dream about them. We put pictures of them on our refrigerators and set up goals to obtain these items. When does it stop?

American Christians are caught in the undertow of societal wealth and are blinded to true need because of their own pursuit of more.

The result is that we have forgotten that it is in God we trust, and along the way we have begun to place our hope in our surplus, or our drive for it.

On a global level, we have become wealthy. On a personal level, we don't see this. As long as we are comparing our situation to those who have more than we do, we see ourselves as needy.

Truthfully, we are needy, but not for more things. We have become spiritually needy. We are unaware that we have "become wealthy and have need of nothing, and have become wretched, poor, miserable, blind and naked" in the eyes of our Savior.

Being in the world and not of the world requires us to stop pursuing as the world teaches, and start pursuing as He reveals.

We can live with less. We need to live with less.

Cultures outside of our own, recognize the impotence of western Christianity, because they know we have too much.

We must empty our hands of earthly storehouses and build into our families, Kingdom perspective.



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