Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Katie, Kaleb and Kelsey in Mexico

Jesus Christ is Lord of all.

This is the central theme and message we wish to convey with our lives.

It is interesting how often my attention is drawn to the eyes of another. Whether engaged in conversation about the things of the Lord, seeing joy fill them in response to something specific, seeing disappointment reflected, or seeing deep sorrow swallow up all other expression, the eyes are portals of reality.

Some like me, have faces that routinely betray momentary disposition. Others work at limiting all emotion...expressions hidden, but eyes daring another to enter.

I have been reminded many times over, while engaged in deep conversation with someone, that their eyes are either of Christ, or searching for Him.

So much is revealed in a transfixed gaze. So much is hidden behind eyes that won't meet with yours.

Recognizing what Scripture says about 'entertaining angels unaware,' I have sometimes been convinced I was looking into the eyes of my Savior.

Oh to drink deeply from His gaze. Wouldn't it be a blessing to draw long and hard from His depths, and to be refreshed by being known...and still loved. He came to bring that to us.

He loves us that way. When we feel worthless, like failures, like Peter after rejecting Him three times, He still loves us and draws us near. How much of our lives do we run from those loving eyes?

We helped a spear pierce His flesh, but the love in His eyes pierces our souls, and brings restoration and hope, where it would not be found.

Many would tell you that He comes with judgment alone, and that He seeks to condemn those who don't follow a certain list of rules. That, however, would be brought by a foe who has enlisted the assistance of men who would be gods.

His warmth, His joy, His still small voice may bring conviction, but that is to draw us back, not drive us away. He is a God of compassion. One who loves and teaches us to do likewise.

In the midst of a frenzied world that sells out at the whims of men, He is there. Those eyes, seeking, searching, reflecting Truth, inviting us in...they beckon with invitation and hope for obedience.

Will the blind see? Sometimes those with the best vision, recognize the least and are found blind. They fail to open their hearts and receive His love, and push away that which would be a salve to their souls.

He has enlisted us to help open those eyes.

How often do others see the eyes of Christ when their gaze encounters our own?

What a privilege!

Let your eyes tell the story, and bear witness of a Mighty God! Don't let them deceive...it seems they are always at the ready for betrayal...but let them portray the glory of a Savior that loves without condition or rule.

He is love. He is life. He is our hope and His manifest presence will be seen by those who seek Him, if we allow Him access, moment by moment and heart by heart. His very best can be found in our surrender, and be seen by those who are searching.

See with His heart and let the reality seen behind your eyes, be His.



At 9:47 AM, Blogger gilbert said...

Thank you for sharing your heart - I am challenged and encouraged - I want my eyes to reflect the Lord to those who are searching. Lord make us transparent before you and before men - at whatever cost - that you might be glorified.

At 5:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautifully written today Brent.


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