Thursday, April 09, 2009

A Tepez village of the Karamojong tribe near Moroto, Uganda

The Lord continues to prepare my heart for an upcoming message that I will have the privilege of preaching in coming weeks at different churches. As I study, and the message begins to come together, I realize how little, people will want to hear it.

When the Lord began to stir my own heart for what He wants me to preach, I became very enthused! I grow more and more excited as I study and research the topic.

Still, as I do, I find that when I share snippets with others, the reaction is largely anticipated. They become uncomfortable. ME TOO!

This is the kind of message that is largely convicting because of who we are and what we have.

We live in a time when many openly embrace a gospel of prosperity and messages on living your best life now. These are feel good sermons that make us glad to be Americans.

We live in a country and a culture that we are all thankful for. There is no harm in that whatsoever.

However, when the Spirit of the Lord begins to reveal Truth to His people and it comes with conviction and causes us to take a good look at how we are living, it can becomes easy to turn a deaf ear and blind eye.

The reality is that we are very comfortable in our country as we have an abundance of most everything...perhaps with the exception of genuine spiritual abiding, as a church.

There are certainly some who are walking with Christ. I have seen them, and they are making a huge difference in their communities as we are each called to do.

Unfortunately, I have seen more who are a bit bewildered, dazed and confused. I see pastors who are pouring themselves out everyday. They are completely spent in many cases, and know the Lord is faithful to refill.

The body on the other hand, says one thing..."We love Jesus!"...but acts another way.

I was having a conversation with my contact in Mexico, while there recently, about fruit. She wanted me to know that the word I was using (in Spanish) referred to apples, oranges and bananas. She gave me a different word to use.

I like to be corrected when I misspeak, and I thanked her. Then I let her know the metaphor and that it did not matter which word was used in this case. We both knew the scripture is referring to Spiritual fruit, but that the actual fruit we eat reflected much of what I feel Christ wants us to see...

It is refreshing, full of life and vibrancy...juicy, if you will. When we see fruit, we think of it as bringing something to our bodies that are much needed. When we see fruit we recognize it as evidence of significant growth and nourishment.

These same truths apply to our walk with Christ. (no this is not the content of my upcoming message)

When I was done showing her what was on my heart, she made funny faces at me, and surrendered. She saw the point, and it made perfect sense.

If we as a body stay connected to the True Vine, we will each express the fruit of significance, as the vine dresser cultivates us. However, if we continue to embrace worldly expectations, we will not reflect Christ, but be an expression of that which we are trying to leave behind.

He is always pursuing us.

We have to choose to allow ourselves to be captured and remain in His captivity, that one day we might be set free to encourage others to do likewise.

If we remain indifferent, we will be spewed out.

Amazingly, Starbuck's sells iced coffee and hot coffee...but there is no market for that which is lukewarm.

There is none in God's economy either.



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