Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Deanna at Ft. Gibson Lake

When BJ was 6 years old, we prayed together as he indicated a desire to ask Jesus into his heart.

I would later find out that he did so because he had seen many others be baptized and understood this decision needed to be made in order for that act of obedience to happen. This is never the reason, to pray and ask Christ into your heart. At any rate, he wanted to be baptized.

Some time after we prayed, he was baptized.

This story is not new. Neither is the part where at 8 years old, he accompanied me to a youth event. At this event, he heard Afshin Ziafat share his testimony. As you may recall, he is a Muslim who gave his heart to Christ. His story is powerful and compelling and has been told around the world.

He is an itinerant preacher, who travels the country, and the world, to teach about Christ!

Recently, I googled his name, and ultimately made contact with him. I sent him a message telling him briefly about our journey and why I was writing him. I just wanted to thank him for his obedience to the Lord, and to let him know what impact his ministry had on BJ.

I received word back from him the same day. I was tremendously humbled at his gracious response. He already knew our story. He had followed it on this site. He had learned of BJ's illness, and spent time in prayer for him. To my surprise, he seemed almost ashamed that he had not made contact with us.

In the last few years, he married a young woman named Meredith. When our book came out, she bought it and took it home to him. He said they got down on their knees and thanked the Lord for BJ's obedient, surrendered life.

We were moved at their humility and the intensely felt presence of His love through them.

Last week, he spoke at SuperSummer, which is a youth leadership training/discipleship event. He is doing so to a different group of students this week, here in Oklahoma.

I heard from a number of our students who were present last week, that it was an incredible week and they could not wait to get to the mission field.

Tonight, Deanna and I are driving over to have dinner with he and his wife, before the evening message, which we also hope to take in.

In our back and forth correspondence, I already feel like he and Mer are family. There is something about the presence of Christ among believers. In this situation, that connection is significant. I cannot wait to share with them. I feel a bit giddy.

This is another connection that I feel the Lord wants us to make, that I have know idea what He will do with. I only know, I want to put my arms around my brother, who in His simple but radical obedience to our Savior, precipitated eternal change in the heart of my son.

Praise God, for simple but radical obedience!



At 12:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Higgins Family:

I have thought and prayed for you many times, even though I don't blog regularly as before. My thoughts turned to you immediately today when I read the letter of a friend who's 22 year old child is very ill. I would like to send you the letter, b/c I am at a loss for words to her, and you all have been where she is now. Her faith his being tried, her spirits are very low, and she needs real encouragement. My e-mail is If you feel you can spare the time and are willing to lend your supportive thoughts, prayers, and words to her; please e-mail me, and I will forward you her e-mail address. Thanks, LTS

At 10:05 PM, Blogger Marti Pieper said...

I've run across Afshin's name a few times since you shared it with me. I've prayed for him as I've watched his ministry.

Today and tonight I've been reminded often to lift you up. I'm grateful God provided this opportunity and blessed by your choice to follow Him in obedience. It reminds me of someone else I didn't quite know but feel as though I did.

People like Afshin--and the Higgins--remind us what it means to raise a revolution. Thanks.

And Linda--praying for your friend and her child. Jesus, be near to this family during these days. Come to them and remind them of Your deep love. Bring Your power and healing to dwell in their lives. Thank you for Linda and her love for her friend. Bless her with Your love as she ministers Your grace. In Jesus' name I pray--Amen.

Still praying in pink
with tender love,


At 9:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brent, I pray that your time together was a true blessing for all of you; I know that it will be.

Linda, know that we are praying for this family.

Marti, thank you for your unending demonstration of God's grace and empathy.


At 3:31 PM, Blogger Shelley said...

Asfshin's tribute to BJ last night at Super Summer was very powerful. I believe that many students were changed by that story and many more will become passionate about serving and sharing Christ because of BJ's story. It was an honor to be a part of the standing ovation given to Mr. and Mrs. Higgins in BJ's honor. God is not through with BJ's story. It will change the world.


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