Friday, June 05, 2009

a quiet moment in Mexico

This time of year, I tend to grow pensive. Contemplating all that others are doing for the summer, which sounds like a great deal of fun. Thinking through what our summer will be like. Finding myself wishful at times for things unwritten.

Sometimes I get exhausted thinking through our schedule. Sometimes I am humbled realizing how easy we have it.

I am thankful to realize that our reward is in heaven, and not on a beach or mountain somewhere. There are times I'd very much like to be in one of those places. There are times, I would like to feel less sense of urgency of being about my Father's business.

I find being engulfed in His creation, a sweet rapture.

Still, as I stroll through those places within the confines of dream, I cannot quiet the muted voices of those who are without hope. I hear them calling out, and I see them reaching for what too few are willing to bring.

How does one find rest, when so many cannot?

As a few contemplate upgrades, the masses hunger for a next meal, a cool drink of clean water, a freeing Truth.

Who will speak this into the lives of many, while some bask in the glow of changing skin tones?

Is what I want, what I need? Is it just escape? From what?

Does it restore sanity or just bring deeper longing of what I cannot have?

At what point does the reality of Scripture bring marching orders? Won't it always be easier to assume it was written for someone else, while I cling to the couple of Truths that ease my conscience? If I don't read the Word, will I be exempt from fulfilling it's call? Will I stand before a Holy God and give an account of dollars spent for beaches compared to dollars spent GOing, Sending or Mobilizing?

Who cares? Who really cares?

Many say they do. Few demonstrate action.

I'd like to hoist a spinnaker and run the lengths of the wind. I would feel remarkable for five minutes, and then I'd need to plan to do it again soon, so I had something to look forward to.

Empty promises don't cost much... we just spend a lot to discover them.

There is a time for leisure. I just didn't realize how much time it would take to relax... to find the justification to keep me at rest while others search for fulfillment... which will only come if they are brought Truth.

When Moses descended from the mountain he was radiant. When I return from the beach I look dark, ruddy, and rested. His radiance carried Truth to a nation. Mine fades into an itchy back and peeling pleasure.

Oh well, I can start something new tomorrow. "There is always tomorrow"... except for those who perish, today. Glad I'm not responsible for them!

and the clock ticks, counting the moments until His return, counting the moments of my leisure, counting those who will spend eternity apart from Him.

tick. tick. tick.


At 1:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you for being a man of God a vessel that God is using to speak to my heart. This last blog reminds me of my mission it not to have a grand life that is full of material things that only I enjoy but to spread Gods love to those who do not know him to be his hands and feet to those who has hunger and thirst for the truth. Please be encouraged


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