Friday, December 18, 2009

Kadda, Sig and me (Whitney's puppies)

I am amazed when huge flies appear late in the season. I don't like what that implies about their life cycle and where they grew and feasted as a maggot to get so huge. I am not a fan of maggots. I am not a fan of flies. I know God created them for a purpose, but is "annoying" really a necessary purpose in our lives?

Last night my dog went kind of crazy. I came to bed late. Deanna had gone to bed earlier than normal, and I lost track of time.

When I came to bed, my dog decided it wasn't bed time. This is not normal behavior for him. I could not figure out what he was doing. He'd climb half way up on my bed (which we don't allow) to get my attention.

I asked him if he needed to go outside, and he took off like shot, out of my room and uncharacteristically, barked when he got near the door. He ran outside for a couple seconds then was ready to come back in.

I let him in and returned to the warm flannel sheets.

He did the same thing. I told him to "get down" and "go to bed."

He got down and went to Deanna's side of the bed. I fussed at him again. He laid down and started to growl.

He got back up and headed down the hall, and barked.

I was convinced we had a prowler. There seemed no other logical explanation for his behavior. I made a lap through the house turning on every perimeter light and checking for figures moving about.


I went back to bed.

He did it again.

Now I'm thinking, there is no storm which might elicit this kind of behavior, maybe Deanna is sick and the dog is aware. I feel her forehead, and she stirs... that doesn't seem to be it.

We get up and walk through the house again.

Lights on.

Lights off.

I see no one. I hear nothing. This dog has lost his mind.

I return to bed, again. I am really getting annoyed. I told him sternly, "Dakota, go to bed!" (his bed is right below me)

He circles around and lays down.

I try to sleep.

Then it occurs to me.

I am a little slow.

Each time he got upset, that stupid big fly was buzzing my head and his. He was just as annoyed and stirred up as I was.

It is amazing how we sometimes fail to connect the dots of the obvious in our lives. Things that should not elicit much response, find us overreacting. Things that require our attention, find us ignoring them.

I pulled out my rifle and walked through the house... for a housefly!

That's an overreaction!

How many times do I bring a big gun to deal with a grain of sand?

Being Spirit led allows us to work from a frame of understanding that we will not have, otherwise. Learning to walk with the Spirit is important. It allows us to take a hammer when a hammer is needed, and to use a trowel, when a trowel is needed.

An interesting lesson for me.

Now I need to find that fly, so that WE can sleep tonight!



At 12:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Author !
You are not right. I am assured. I can defend the position. Write to me in PM, we will discuss.

At 12:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for that, Brent. Having dealt with a "fly" just recently I can relate. I think that it is often quite right that we overreact to small things and miss the point of big things. Sometimes we just don't understand. Thankfully, not all the time and hopefully with God's help we can limit those times to fewer rather than the norm. Even within God's leading we can often feel confused and not see the obvious. My prayer is for clearer vision and to be able to have patience for the buzzing "flies" in our life.

Santa Cruz, CA


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